• How to Use Social Media to Improve SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 30, 2015

    In years past, there was minimal overlap between social media and SEO, and how you ran your social media campaign had little influence on your search rankings. However, in recent times this has changed, and it’s hard to dispute that social media impacts SEO at least to some extent. Being smart with your social media […]

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  • How to Use Google Keyword Planner for SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 28, 2015

    Performing keyword research is an important element of SEO. Otherwise, blindly choosing keywords on a hunch that you think will perform well is taking a shot in the dark at best. In order to find the right keywords for content, you need to utilize an effective tool. One of the most popular is the Google […]

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  • 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 26, 2015

    As many people know, WordPress is one of the top content management systems on the web. That’s because it allows for SEO plugins. With these plugins, websites can better their visibility online while increasing their overall web presence. Check out the 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress below: 1. WordPress SEO by Yoast The WordPress […]

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  • Long Tail Keywords Can Drive Steady Traffic

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 23, 2015

    Any person who’s even remotely involved in internet marketing knows what keyword research is, but surprisingly, many don’t understand the complexity of it. In fact, there’s a lot more to selecting a good keyword than merely finding a popular search term with low competition. There’s growing interest surrounding long tail keywords, and if they aren’t […]

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  • Blog Networks Can Harm Your Website’s Rankings

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 21, 2015

    No matter what type of website you’re trying to raise up Google’s page ranks, buying links from a blog network is only going to hurt you. Google has algorithms that specifically look for links purchased from blog networks, and most of the time, these links are very easy to detect. Blog networks may advertise that […]

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  • SEO For YouTube Videos: 5 Optimization Tips

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 19, 2015

    Search engine optimization is always changing, but the one thing that is constantly being used for ranking on Google is YouTube. Video marketing is the best way to be able to get more visitors and get on Google quicker. The problem is most people don’t follow the right tricks to optimizing their YouTube videos correctly. […]

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  • Link Building is Still Important for SEO

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 16, 2015

    Google is the world’s most used search engine. More people use it each day to find everything from nearby plumbers to deals on groceries and electronics. This makes it perfect for business, which is why nearly every website could benefit from ranking highly for high-traffic keywords. The problem is that there’s some confusion about how […]

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  • How To Disavow Links In Google

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 14, 2015

    Google uses a feature called “PageRank” in order to determine a website’s importance in comparison to other websites. Essentially, backlinks are the driving force behind what makes a website importance. In theory, it would seem that the more backlinks a website has, the higher it would be ranked in the SERPs (search engine results pages). […]

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  • 10 SEO Blogs to Read in 2015

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 12, 2015

    There are a lot of SEO blogs online but quality ones are pretty rare. The reason – SEO is a dynamic thing that keeps growing, even as you are reading this. However, not all people who blog about SEO are like that. It’s nobody’s fault because when it comes to technology and internet, people assume […]

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  • Optimize Your Online Content

    Written by: Jason Bayless | January 09, 2015

    As you get involved with blogging and other kinds of website development, you are going to start coming across some unfamiliar terms. It is important to have a firm grasp on the lingo and strategies that people use when it comes to directing traffic online. Understanding the tactics that people use to get their information […]

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