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2006 New York, NY 100+ Medium Humana, Priceline, Los Angeles Times

The intent-based digital marketing company known as Acronym was founded in 1995 by a Russian student named Anton Konikoff. Konikoff was a business and marketing student in the U.S. who had one vision: getting companies found on the World Wide Web. This was pre-Google, so he is considered a true pioneer in search marketing. Acronym began with a view from the Empire State Building, where its founder was obsessed with thinking about keywords and how they can define a customer.

The Mission
Acronym understands that keywords are a brand’s most important digital asset. They serve as the closest representation of a customer’s intent across online channels. This first-of-a-kind technology company is focused on intent-based customer intelligence, using a process of organizing and analyzing keyword data as a rich source of customer intelligence. The company’s fixation on understanding the deeper complexity of keywords has led to the development of proprietary technology to fulfill its mission. Their Keyword Objects (KO) platform is one of a kind, being the only application in its class with integration capabilities with almost any data source. This platform provides a unique view of performance and actionable data across campaigns and various channels. Acronym is simply a team of digital marketing problem solvers who comprise industry veterans with a deep commitment to search marketing solutions.

Acronym’s products and solutions include KO SEO, KO PPC, and Enterprise Keyword Management. The company has pioneered intent-based solutions through SEO, helping find opportunities where others simply see data and finding customers where most only see keywords. Acronym has SEO down to a science, and they use their own process to distinguish them from the competition. The process includes developing an SEO scorecard and identifying loopholes in content.

KO SEO provides Enterprise Search Intelligence built for enterprise brands. It has true integration with analytics and unlimited data source integration. Acronym helps clients dominate search engine results pages, increasing share-of-voice and relating more to customers through a combination of factors such as proprietary technology and integration of all analytics data. In short, Acronym’s chief purpose is in learning about customer intent, which is a key factor in getting customers to a brand faster.