Top 10 SEO Companies for
Family Law Attorneys

Need help finding a high-quality and trustworthy SEO vendor? We evaluated companies that have expertise in working with Family Law Attorneys across eight categories and analyzed the data to give you our list of the best Family Law Attorney SEO companies.

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Best Family Law Attorneys SEO Companies: June 2024

  1. HigherVisibility
  2. LawLytics
  3. Black Fin
  4. Attorneysync
  5. Juris Digital
  6. Legal Communications Group
  7. Scorpion Internet Marketing
  8. Reach Local
  9. Boostability
  10. ApricotLaw
RankCompany NamePhoneWebsiteLocationPricingClientsScore
1HigherVisibility 888-967-1992 Memphis, TN50-100Medium
PBS, Ebay, Warner Brothers
2LawLytics 800-713-0161 Tucson, Arizona11-25Medium
Lawson & Berry, Lemon Law, Kurt D. Lloyd
3Black Fin 888-829-1479 Avon, OH25-50Medium
Malman Law, Oberheiden & McMurrey, Shlosman Law Firm
4Attorneysync 773-828-8878 Chicago, IL11-25High
The Cobb Firm, White Law Firm
5Juris Digital 888-912-4256 Denver, CO11-25High
McCormick & Murphy, P.C., GJEL Accident Attorneys
6Legal Communications Group 215-364-8828 Warminster, PA1-10Low
Graves McLain, PLLC, Daggett Shuler Attorneys
7Scorpion Internet Marketing 661-702-0100 Valencia, CA100+High
Tutor Doctor, S& D Plumbing
8Reach Local 888-991-3424 Woodland Hills, CA100+Medium
Davis & Sarbinoff, Watch Now Cutler & Associates
9Boostability 800-261-1537 Lehi, UT100+Low,
10ApricotLaw 212-960-8584 Hawthorne, NY11-25Low
Halperin Law Center, Law Offices of Lane & Lane

Why Family Law Lawyers Need SEO

When you work in family law, there’s pressure on your shoulders to do what’s best for your clients. Adding to that pressure is the challenge of growing your practice, and it can often be overwhelming for even the most seasoned family law practitioners. However, by implementing SEO you can grow your practice and generate leads without detracting from the quality of work you complete in the courtroom.

How SEO Helps Family Law Lawyers

Family law is an extremely delicate area of law and one where your clients entrust you with confidential information and the future of their family. Because of this, it can be difficult for people to know with what family law lawyer they should work. SEO can help family law lawyers stand out from the competition and build a brand identity that’s synonymous with trust and respect. When you’re regarded as an authority in your niche, clients are more likely to choose your practice to work on their case.

Using SEO to Grow Your Family Law Practice

SEO is one of the most effective ways you can grow your family law practice. This is because by growing your authority as a brand, you will naturally place higher on search engine results pages. The higher you place on these pages, the more likely a potential customer is to choose you. Working with SEO experts can grow your family law practice exponentially without distracting you from completing your legal work.

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