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Scorpion Internet Marketing specializes in helping clients to think big and consider the full range of possibilities when it comes to reaching out to potential customers. The company delivers measurable results by implementing data-driven, creative marketing campaigns. They are committed to providing the best possible return on investment for each client’s marketing and advertising dollars.

History and Leadership
Scorpion Internet Marketing was founded in 2001 as a premier digital marketing service. Since then, the firm has grown to include more than 300 employees. It is led by Rustin Kretz, Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Adams, Chief Revenue Officer, Corey Quinn, Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Bedell, Chief Operating Officer and Matthew Shepherd, Chief Financial Officer.

Culture and Mission
The firm is founded on a culture of hard work combined with the competitive spirit of its clients. Each team member at Scorpion Internet Marketing helps clients deliver better products that will keep their customers coming back. The company’s mission is to dream big and then make their dreams happen. As a part of their mission, the company has a philanthropy division so that its staff can volunteer their time and services to help the community.

Scorpion Internet Marketing has been awarded the Google AdWords TM Premier SMB Partner status. They have also been recognized as one of the top 500 growing companies in America for six years in a row. Some of their other awards include the Award of Excellence for Legal and Law Services from The Communicator in 2016, Hermes Platinum Awards for 2016 and the Internet Advertising Competition’s 2015 Best Healthcare Website.

Services and Solutions
The team at Scorpion Internet Marketing offers everything clients need in order to be found by consumers. They implement pay-per-click marketing campaigns with ads on popular social media networks. They can handle the initial website design for a startup or entrepreneur or make a website respond to mobile platforms.

Scorpion Internet Marketing excels in search engine optimization services. They do all of the necessary research to determine where a client’s website ranks. Their team also researches the competition to keep their clients on the cutting edge of SEO.