Top 10 SEO Companies for
YouTube Growth

Need help finding a high-quality and trustworthy SEO vendor? We evaluated companies that have expertise in working with YouTube channels across eight categories and analyzed the data to give you our list of the best YouTube SEO companies.

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Best YouTube SEO Companies: June 2024

  1. WPromote
  2. Zipper Studio
  4. Single Grain
  5. Digital Current
  6. Jumpfactor
  7. Wowmakers
  8. Silver Web Solutions
  9. Minimatters
  10. Video SEO Services
RankCompany NamePhoneWebsiteLocationPricingClientsScore
1WPromote 310-421-4844 Nationwide100+Medium
Salient, Swatch, Zenni
2Zipper Studio Not provided Grandville, MI1-10Low
FMP Imaging, Williams Family Medical
97 800-351-9081 Draper, UT100+Low
Dell, Mrs. Fields,
4Single Grain 800-701-0793 Los Angeles, CA11-25High
Twenty20, Uber, Airbnb
5Digital Current 844-304-3088 Mesa, AZ25-50Medium
BuildDirect, Luseta Beauty
6Jumpfactor 855-529-5867 Ontario11-25Low
FleetComplete, FlexReceipts
7Wowmakers 770-744-0218 Lawrenceville, GA11-25Low
HDFC Bank, Aon
8Silver Web Solutions 678-714-0034 Suwanee, GA1-10Low
Eckweb, Inc, Cameron Data Services
9Minimatters 301-339-0339 Rockville, MD1-10Medium
City of Hope, Amerigroup
10Video SEO Services Not Provided Toronto1-10Low
ScreenWizzard, Enchantment Flowers

Why You Should SEO Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube SEO (video optimization) is a different type of search engine optimization technique intended to increase visibility of select videos among the millions of other videos posted on YouTube. YouTube SEO is also useful to incorporate in your channel’s webpage as a way to improve

Google search results.

What To Know About YouTube SEO

YouTube deliberately lets you input titles, tags, descriptions and video thumbnails to make it easier for an audience to discover your videos. Optimizing these options using SEO is essential for increasing traffic and number of views logged by videos you upload to your channel.

YouTube video titles should utilize keywords focusing on user intent. In other words, keywords in a title should describe the content of the video. Using SEO strategies for YouTube video titles also improves your chances of ranking on Google search results.

Descriptions of YouTube videos should also contain keywords that clearly reflect the video’s content. Quality video descriptions should not be promotional. Details enticing someone to check out the video after finding it through a Google search are more important to growing traffic than just throwing out brand names.

Amplify Visibility and Rankings Using SEO for YouTube Channels

In addition to optimizing video titles and descriptions for search engines, SEO techniques involve encouraging engagement with viewers (comments, likes, dislikes) and inspiring viewers to share videos on social media sites. When done correctly professionally, SEO for YouTube Channels could result in your videos going viral and being seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

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