Top 10 Small Business Web Design Companies

Are you a small business looking for a web design company that can create a high quality site that is affordable? We evaluated agencies across eight categories and analyzed the data to give you our list of the best small business web design companies in the United States.

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Best Small Business Web Design Companies: July 2024

  1. HigherVisibility
  2. Gordo Web Design
  3. JSL Marketing & Web Design
  4. Blue Corona
  5. WebFX
  6. Webimax
  7. Kinex Media
  8. All My Web Needs
  9. Ignite Visibility
  10. 1SEO
RankCompany NamePhoneWebsiteLocationPricingClientsScore
1HigherVisibility 888-967-1992 Memphis, TN50-100Medium
PBS, Ebay, Warner Brothers
2Gordo Web Design 954-501-0703 Fort Lauderdale, FL1-10Medium
Bonka Bird Toys, Doggie Don't Device
3JSL Marketing & Web Design 817-470-5274 Dallas, TX1-10Medium
Vault Aviation, Marquis Group
4Blue Corona 800-934-1368 Gaithersburg, MD50-100High
PVI Furniture, Ruppert Landscape
5WebFX 888-449-3239 Nationwide100+Medium
Cleveland Brothers, Ocean City New Jersey, Sharrett's Plating
6Webimax 212-710-1353 Camden, NJ50-100Low
Trane, DirecTV, Marriott
7Kinex Media 647-496-60601 Mississauga1-10High
Staples, Bay Boy Furniture
8All My Web Needs 615-538-7483 Nashville, TN1-10Medium
Not Provided
9Ignite Visibility 619-752-1955 San Diego, CA25-50High
Tony Robbins, Sharp Healthcare
101SEO 262-330-1593 Bristol, PA50-100Medium
Go Green Lawn Services, Five Star Painting

Why Small Businesses Need a High Quality Web Design

Recent surveys have revealed that about 70 percent of all Americans shop online. Therefore, if you run a small business, you can enhance its potential by building a solid online presence. In the past, low-cost web design could help you to do this. But today, competition on the internet is quite fierce, and therefore, you will need a professionally-designed website to make a significant impact. Below are some of the reasons why small businesses need high-quality web design.

Establish a Solid Brand Identity
When it comes to online business, it is not enough to have just a good-enough website. A lot of businesses have websites that look almost similar making it very difficult for customers to differentiate the best businesses from the rest. But by having a top-quality web design, you can emphasize your brand and make your website easier for your customers to identify. In other words, quality web design can help you to build a solid and consistent brand identity on the Internet and consequently stand out in the crowd.

Increase your Customer Base
No matter what you are selling or how attractive your offers may be, the appearance of your website is going to determine how long a given visitor will stay on it and whether they will want to visit again. If your website has a quality design, then people who land on it will enjoy browsing through it. This is because high-quality web designs are not only attractive but also easy to use. As such, having it will go a long way in ensuring that that you attract and retain more customers.

The Takeaway
In a nutshell, it is clear that if you have a small business, having high-quality web design is a necessity. Therefore, if your business website still has low-cost web design, then you need to upgrade.

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