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Consumer Impact of #ad Banner Image

Consumer Impact of #ad

Table of ContentsHow Sponsored Content Affects the Consumer [Study]Key TakeawaysAd vs. No AdHow Consumers FeelSpendings From AdsThe Morals of Social AdsThe Biggest InfluencersThe Business of Social MediaMethodology and LimitationsFair Use Statement How Sponsored Content Affects the Consumer [Study] Key Takeaways Nearly one-third of Americans would unfollow a social media page for posting sponsored content. Most […]

iOS Marketing Pivots

Table of ContentsHow Businesses Are Navigating iOS Updates [Survey]Key Takeaways:iOS in ActionAn Apple a Day Keeps the Marketers AwayChanging StrategiesHeading in a New DirectionKeeping Your Strategy UpdatedMethodologyFair Use Statement How Businesses Are Navigating iOS Updates [Survey] Key Takeaways: 54.9% of business owners and marketers felt knowledgeable about the impact of recent iOS updates on online […]

Why Companies Are Prioritizing the Redesign of their Website [Study]

Table of ContentsKey TakeawaysOnline RenovationReinvesting in RedesignTop Reasons for RedesigningWebsite WorriesSEO Experts Weigh InSEO ObjectivesRethinking Website DesignMethodology and LimitationsFair Use Statement Key Takeaways Almost half of the businesses surveyed opted to hire an outside agency to handle their website redesign. The top reason for website redesign was the company’s evolution and growth making the old […]

Representation and Diversity in Branding Across Industries [Study]

Table of ContentsKey TakeawaysFeeling Included Demographics of RepresentationLevels of DiversityRepresentation’s ImpactDiversity Initiatives in Popular CompaniesIncluding Without ExcludingMethodology and LimitationsFair Use Statement Key Takeaways Branding and advertising within the clothing industry had the greatest range of gender representation (29.8% mixed) and race representation (49.1% mixed). Across all industries, 2.9% of branding images included LGBTQ+ representation, 2.4% included […]