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Showcasing: 20 Aesthetical Business Cards From August 2012 Banner Image

5 Reason’s to work directly from your Dropbox account

Dropbox, the must have app for 2009! Right? Well for most of us with a brain it was and my god it’s a life saver! For anyone who hasn’t heard of Dropbox yet, in a nutshell, its a piece of software that allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. Better yet, it works on Mac, PC, Linux and as from a few months back the iPhone too.

Tutorial: Clearing the Textarea value onFocus

Quick tip that will always come in handy when creating forms. More often then not you will see a textarea that initially has some text in, something like… ‘Type your message here…’. On some websites, I have noticed that when you go to type in that same textarea you have to first remove the message before you start typing yours which I find very frustratings.

20 Great CSS Design Showcase Websites for Inspiration

We’ve all had days where our creativity becomes non-existant and are in desperate need of some inspiration to get us kick started again. Fortunately for us we have a huge variety of choice when it comes to web showcasing which means inspiration is never to far away. Below are some of my favourites showcase bookmarks that I tent to turn to in those ‘desperate’ times.

Tutorial: Display your Latest Tweet on your Website using SimplePie

Okay so if you read my blog you will know I have already posted a tutorial showing you how to add your latest tweet to your website. Well this is part 2, and in part 2 we look at how to add your tweets to your blog/website in a much better way, using SimplePie.