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Generational Brand Loyalty

When it comes to brand loyalty, retaining customers is just half the battle. Keeping them satisfied is an entirely different feat. New trends, advancements in technology, and changes to digital marketing are leading some brands to prominence with strong and loyal fan bases. From apparel and tech to food and video games, brand loyalty extends […]

“Ad”ing Value: Exploring Digital Ad Perceptions and Experiences

Advertisements blend so seamlessly into our digital lives that they may not even register explicitly as ads. Your friends’ pictures may be indistinguishable from those of a corporation. Or your favorite celebrity may post about the latest product without divulging that their words were paid for. Believe it or not, Americans see an estimated 4,000 […]

In Reviews We Trust

If you’re one of the more than 4.5 billion people who use the internet, you are probably familiar with online shopping. You might have been drawn to the convenience or saw a personalized ad that you just had to click. But there’s another major side to online shopping that we decided to explore: online reviews. […]

How Much Does SEO Cost? Prices to Expect for a Reputable Company

Search Engine Optimization pricing is about as clear as mud. With SEO in high demand and high supply, it’s hard to know what pricing is worth it let alone legit. Countless businesses sell SEO services but rarely do they advertise a breakdown of cost. How do they even determine what the pricing is? What different […]