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Wax Interactive is an international marketing firm known for its ability to bring clients and consumers together through design, brand building and interactive technology. The firm maintains offices in Belgium, Switzerland and France in order to deliver a multinational network of services in a variety of languages.

History and Members of Wax Interactive
As the digital agency of SQLI, Wax Interactive’s history began in 1990. The Wax Interactive Group was initiated in the year 2000 as a way to maintain high standards for online marketing activities. The group now has more than 2,000 employees working with major brands around the world. The current leadership of Wax Interactive consists of several key players, including Mr. Vasco as Art Director, Veerle Van Den Bulcke as Senior Account Manager, Julien Ramel as Technology Manager and Simon Saelens as Technology Developer. The firm also has more than 60 interactive marketing designers.

Mission and Values
Wax Interactive believes that the digital world is about both art and science. The company uses method and flair in its campaigns. Some of the company’s core values include using a combination of automation and human touch, stepping out of one’s comfort zone to take on new challenges, and leaving nothing to chance. One of the firm’s missions is to help clients initiate interactions with customers and reach out to make lasting business relationships.

Achievements and Publications
The team at Wax Interactive has released key industry publications, including “Digital Trends 2015,” “Social 2 Cash” and a comprehensive guide entitled “10 Key Questions to Keep a Marketplace Project Intact.” Additional achievements include working with multinational corporations to create and implement worldwide marketing campaigns.

Services and Solutions
Wax Interactive focuses on digital strategies such as branding and telling the story of clients’ products. The staff works to deliver an excellent customer experience for consumers who purchase products or services from the firm’s clients. To this end, the firm manages the social media accounts, newsletters and conversations that clients initiate.

The team at Wax Interactive also handles the design and optimization of clients’ websites. The staff works to ensure that clients can easily be found and that their product launches get the media attention they deserve. On behalf of the company’s clients, the Wax Interactive team researches, implements and analyzes loyalty and marketing campaigns to create strategic plans for content and video marketing.