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2005 Seattle, WA 50-100 High Microsoft, The Telegraph, Staples

Duncan Morris and Will Critchlow were childhood friends before they started a business together. In 2005, with a fondness for business, technology and whiskey, the two began brainstorming about starting a company while sitting in Morris’ living room. Like any other company, the enterprise started small and grew exponentially. Now, over a decade later, Distilled employs more than 60 people, including designers, developers, strategists and technology experts. The consultants collaborate their talents to assist businesses of all sizes and types to successfully compete online by creating a unique brand.

With the addition of a Seattle office in 2010 led by Rob Ousbey, Distilled was further able to create solid SEO strategies for new clients. Rob and his team of skilled Search Marketers have helped clients to trust Distilled with identifying and developing critical missing components while having the knowledge needed to design and strategically place content.

Optimizing the Digital Market
Tens of thousands strive daily to attract attention online by providing audio/visual and textual content. Distilled helps businesses stand out among the rest by using a combination of conventional public relations techniques and modernized technology to develop campaigns that encourage social interaction, increase traffic and form a network of domains.

Essential Campaign Characteristics
Content remains key to attracting and keeping public attention. Distilled assists businesses in identifying their audience and incorporating interesting and memorable information that is relevant to that demographic.

Using a variety of tools designed to analyze online sites and paint a clearer picture of specific traffic details, Distilled helps clients gain a better understanding of the current and ongoing effectiveness of their campaigns. When trying to make a connection with audiences, social network sites are a popular platform used by millions that should never be overlooked, and Distilled staff members can help clients optimize their options.

The Latest in Online Marketing
Through the implementation of international events like Searchlove, a two-day online marketing conference, and Distilledathon, where the staff spends a week exchanging ideas, the company continually looks to elevate their services while maintaining a sense of levity. Some of Distilled’s campaigns have involved well-known corporations such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, TIME magazine and The Wall Street Journal.