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Analyzing YouTube Thumbnails: What Makes The Perfect Thumbnail [Study] Banner Image

The Evolution of Cereal Boxes: An Analysis of Branding Over Time

Imagine yourself walking down the cereal aisle of a grocery store. You’re surrounded by hundreds of boxes, all the same size and many with the same ingredients. So what is it that makes you reach for one over the other? Is it the colors? The words? Maybe just your favorite flavors sticking out to you? […]

SERP Success: Comparing Google Ads vs. SEO

Among digital marketers, resource allocation is an essential consideration. With opportunities to attract customers via an array of methods and platforms, it can be tough to divvy up a finite budget. And within this strategic challenge, one decision looms especially large. Should you invest in search engine optimization (SEO) or put your money into paid […]

Digital Roadblocks: Assessing the Web’s Accessibility

Since its passage in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has transformed many of the country’s public spaces, empowering millions to access goods, services, and other resources. Yet, in another essential domain, no such progress has been possible: Many websites remain inaccessible to people with disabilities, such as impaired vision or hearing.  This phenomenon […]

State of SEO: Exploring SEO Fears and Predictions

For SEO professionals, change can often seem like the only constant. Google, the dominant player in search, introduces thousands of changes to its algorithm each year. In the case of major updates, whole subject categories can be substantially reorganized, scrambling keyword rankings. Other innovations restructure the search engine’s priorities, altering the way the algorithm discerns […]