Graphic Design

You only get one chance to leave a great first impression.

And when you are applying for a job, your resume is often the first thing the potential employer sees, so you better make sure that it looks professional.

Luckily, you don’t have to create your resume design from scratch, you can simply use a template.

Here are ten free InDesign resume templates that you should check out….

Simple Resume Template

We live in an increasingly noisy and frantic world in which everyone is trying to outdo each other to get attention.

This means that a simple resume can be a way stand out. No frills. No gimmicks. Just things that matter.

Timeless Resume Template

Sometimes, you want to have that minimalist look, but with a dash of sophistication.

You can do just that with this timeless resume design. It has an old-school feel which helps you present yourself as a serious person.

Clean Resume Template

Want to keep things simple, but also give a nod to the current year?

This clean resume template with phone, email and social media icons will show that you are someone who can keep up with times.

Corporate Resume Template

Being bold can really pay off in today’s competitive marketplace.

This corporate resume template will show that you are confident in yourself and know the value your bring to the table.

Infographic Resume Template

Infographics are so popular on the Internet because they make it easy to quickly grasp the most important information on the topic. So why not take the same approach with your resume?

This infographic resume template will help you present yourself as someone who isn’t afraid to think outside the box without straying too far from the overall look and feel of a conventional resume.

Creative Infographic Resume Template

Now, what if you like infographics so much that you don’t want to just use the same approach, you want to create a resume that literally looks like an infographic?

This creative infographic resume template will allow you to do just that.

Designer Resume Template

When you are a designer, resumes can be tricky, because the way your resume looks represents your design skills.

Moreover, what people who hire designers really want to see is your portfolio, and there’s no space for that in a conventional resume.

No worries, though. This designer resume template with 13 custom pages will let you show off your previous work. And it also looks great!

Trendy Resume Template

Letting your personality shine through in your resume makes sense if you are applying to a creative job.

You can easily do that with this trendy resume template that will immediately catch the attention of the person who is hiring.

Horizontal Resume Template

Look, if you liked a job enough to apply for it, then the chances are that a lot of other people did too.

That means that whoever is doing the hiring is sifting through a pile of resumes. Possibly hundreds of them. It’s only natural that eventually they start losing focus and paying less and less attention to each individual resume.

You know what can help you prevent your resume from going unnoticed? A pattern interrupt. This horizontal resume template will make anyone stop and take a closer look. Even if it’s the 100th resume they are reviewing that day.

Creative Minimalist Resume Template

Printing your resume on quality paper and giving it a luxurious look and feel can be a great way to stand out from the other applicants.

You can do that with this creative minimalist template that has a unique color scheme.


These free InDesign resume templates can help you leave a great first impression.

So don’t hesitate. Grab the template that suits you best, fill in your information, and go get your dream job!

P.S. Keep in mind that networking with people in your field can lead to great opportunities.

Don’t hide behind your computer screen. Print out some business cards, attend industry events, and start making connections.