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2005 New York, NY 100+ Low Maaco, Fred Astaire Dance, Edwards Financial Services

In business since 2005, Yodle has been supporting local business in their efforts to better market themselves in a digital age. Founded by the entrepreneurial team of Nathaniel Stevens, Ben Rubenstein, John Berkowitz and Kartik Hosangar, the company immediately launched their own local paid search advertising solution based on a proprietary set of algorithms. Since that time, the founders have been recognized by Business Week as one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurs under the age of 25. They have also received numerous awards in the past decade, culminated in their designation as one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes Magazine.

Locally Focused Essentials of Marketing
The company has implemented a Marketing Essentials strategy that aims to give businesses access to the very tools and resources that are required in order to not only locate customers in their geographical area but to retain them as well. As opposed to traditional marketing services that required companies to go to different providers in order to gain a comprehensive marketing presence, Yodle is able to do this with an all-in-one approach.

Local marketing is now made easier and more efficient with the automatic approach implemented by Yodle. This feature provides companies with the ability to locate those local customers in far less time than would normally be required, all the while saving money in the process. This is a way of moving the marketing process from being merely a concept into something that is a reality.

Online Presence
Yodle is also able to develop comprehensive and functional websites that will lead customers right to a particular business location. They do this by designing an online presence with map listings built in. The site itself will look great on any modern device, including smartphones and tablets, meaning that on-the-go customers will always be able to find a local company near them. Performance is optimized on mobile devices, meaning that potential customers will see search results related to websites developed by Yodle in record time.

In an age where the majority of searches are now conducted online, Yodle provides a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that is innovative and refreshing. The optimization features are constantly being refined with the advent of new technology, so businesses will be able to remain on top of the local marketing game.