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Vertical Measures was founded by Arnie and Andi Kuenn in 2006 with the aim of helping businesses improve their content marketing to increase their return on investment. Vertical Measures offers an eight-step process that’s suitable for a small start-up or large corporation in any industry. Their goal is to use content creation, PPC campaigns, or search engine optimization (SEO) to help grow clients’ businesses. Vertical Measures is comprised of a group of about 50 digital enthusiasts who are content marketing experts.

Importance of Content Marketing
Content marketing is a cost-effective, strategic marketing approach. Experts like Vertical Measures focus on creating and distributing valuable, consistent, and relevant content to attract and retain a specific audience that’ll drive profitable customer action. Vertical Measures works with clients to customize online strategies that produce more leads, traffic, and business.

Training for Long-Term Benefits
Vertical Measures holds monthly webinars that cover different digital topics with in-house or industry experts and offers customized training for their clients’ tech teams to enhance their expertise for long-term success. The coaching is hands-on and personalized to produce a successful marketing program.

For clients who’ve been engaged in content marketing for some time and haven’t experienced the desired results, Vertical Measures offers a 90-day correction course to get them back on track. The clients’ teams will learn how to best nurture leads and change them into conversions.

SEO Services
Along with the right content, SEO is another crucial website element for getting high rankings on the search engines. Vertical Measures provides customized SEO services for every type of business. They’ll perform an on-site audit of the existing website and take actionable steps to improve the SEO. Additionally, they’ll analyze clients’ online efforts and show them how to be more effective. Vertical Measure researches keywords to find the best ones for each particular business and removes any toxic backlinks that may be detrimental. Since it can be hugely beneficial to be optimized for local searches, they’ll also target a company’s customers with keywords that are specific to the location.

Vertical Measures offers the latest technological solutions to companies that desire optimized SEO and content that produces high search engine rankings and to learn how to best use social media for brand awareness and link building to drive qualified traffic, which will also improve their search engine rankings.