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SEOP is a global digital marketing agency that operates on a set of four core principles: integrity, professionalism, honesty, and recruiting top talent. They strive to deliver the best possible return on investment for their clients. The team at SEOP has worked with medium- to large-sized corporations around the world, and their clients span a variety of industries from consumer goods to finance and technology. SEOP aims to hire the best people in the digital marketing field so that they can help their clients soar past the competition.

History and Leadership
SEOP was founded in 2000 by Eric Schiffer, who continues to function as the firm’s chairman. The company’s offices are located in Santa Ana, California. SEOP’s leadership team also includes Brian Freire as technology director and Kashmir Pe as its director of finance.

Awards and Achievements
SEOP has earned several industry awards, including the Top 10 SEO Award from PromotionWorld. They’ve also been lauded by many client testimonials for their dedication to customer care. SEOP’s management believes that by putting clients first, success will be certain to follow.

Client Solutions and Professional Services
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary service provided by SEOP. They help to get their clients found by optimizing their websites with relevant keywords and phrases that consumers would use when conducting organic searches. They do the background research and provide regular analyses to ensure that their SEO services are continuing to deliver the desired results.

SEOP also offers pay-per-click (PPC) ad management and development. Their marketing team creates enticing ads and then performs research to make sure that the ads are placed on relevant search engine results pages and social network feeds. They target key audiences in order to deliver cost-effective PPC campaigns.

The team at SEOP also handles digital reputation management, helping clients to get rid of fraudulent negative reviews. The staff also assists with making sure that the information about them in community forums and on review sites portrays them positively.

SEOP is equipped to manage affiliate marketing programs. They handle the advertising and marketing for new and existing affiliate programs so that clients can grow their businesses in an organized way. SEOP also oversees the marketing objectives for all new affiliate setups.