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SEO Logic was formed in 2002 to meet the needs of corporations having trouble designing websites that both look beautiful and perform well in search engines. SEO Logic is actually an outgrowth of the Web design company Mir Internet Marketing, which was founded in Chicago in 1996. This company built high-quality websites from scratch throughout the 1990s. Over the years, the staff at Mir discovered that many agencies were struggling to make their great websites get the organic traffic they deserved. Head management at Mir soon developed SEO Logic to work with these agencies.

No Cheap Tricks
Since SEO Logic grew out of a Web design firm, the team believes in the value of patience, hard work and quality design. The company feels that this tried-and-true strategy will lead to organic traffic and growth for a company’s website. To ensure this high quality, SEO Logic only works with Ruby on Rails framework. This development framework works much faster than more traditional development frameworks, and it has been used by the likes of Twitter to produce great results.

The 4 Cs of SEP Logic
Guiding all of SEO Logic’s projects are the “4 Cs,” which are code, content, connectivity and commitment. SEO Logic highlights the importance of coding lean and meaningful websites with as few words as possible. The staff always strives to create a perfect balance between how well the site interacts with humans and with search engines. SEO Logic does a great deal of research to figure out what common keywords are used by consumers to search for whatever their client is selling, and the designers incorporate those words without simply keyword stuffing. Quality content for SEO Logic is the only constant in a world where search engine algorithms are changing daily. In terms of connectivity, it has been shown that links toward a client’s website from other trusted sites help to get the attention of search engines. SEO Logic is dedicated to increasing a company’s reputation through aggressive link exposure. While all of these tools may take time to pan out, SEO Logic reminds clients that this is a long-term commitment that will produce results in the end.