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SEO Image is a top-rated internet marketing agency with a mission of helping clients skyrocket to the top of their niche. The team at SEO Image strives to deliver consistent results. The firm has more than a 95 percent retention rate, and of the few clients who do leave, 85 percent of them return within two years. The company’s case studies have been widely published throughout all types of media outlets, which is a testament to SEO Image’s expertise and competency.

History and Leadership Team of SEO Image
SEO Image was founded by Alan Rabinowitz, who functions as the firm’s CEO. He also writes on the company blog, creating informative tidbits and articles for clients and employees. The firm was founded in 2003 with the goal of helping businesses of all sizes with their digital marketing needs.

Services and Client Solutions
SEO Image offers a range of SEO services to solve the need for creative and integrated marketing solutions. The company’s approach is to assign three to five staff members to each client. This team of marketing and Web design experts works to develop a conversion campaign that will not only increase the traffic to a client’s website but also increase the number of consumers who choose to do business with the client.

The firm also provides clients with pay-per-click marketing campaign ads. SEO Image does the front-end research to decide which audiences to target and where and when to place the ads for a cost-effective campaign. The team creates and implements the landing pages for the pay-per-click ads to direct new website visitors. The staff is also able to implement strategic link building in order to generate new leads. To get clients noticed on social media, SEO Image handles account management for clients on popular networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Awards and Achievements
The team at SEO Image has earned a variety of awards from industry analysts. Promotion World recognized SEO Image as a top 10 SEO company in 2006 and 2007. In 2012, the firm was ranked in the top 10 SEO services in the world by TopSEOs. Website Magazine and Ranking Media have also recognized the firm’s excellence in SEO services. The company’s staff and services have been written about in popular media outlets and publications including The Wall Street Journal, Inc.,,, Fox News and the Search Engine Journal.