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Year Three is an award-winning search engine optimization company and marketing agency. The firm is best known for its strong work ethic, honest attitude, competitive pricing and delivery of effective results. The firm’s founders came up with the name “Year Three” to signify the importance of the third year of being a small business and why that time in a business’ lifespan is critical to its future success.

History and Leadership
Michael Sherman is the founder of Year Three. The firm began in 2005 as a home-based entrepreneurial business. In its first year, the firm had a single client and an annual revenue of less than $5,000. Today, the firm has more than 500 clients around the world.

Services and Solutions
There are two broad categories of services and solutions offered by Year Three. The first is web and mobile development. When a client needs a responsive website that works as well on smartphones as it does on a desktop computer, Year Three is able to design, test and implement the changes. The developers can also create apps for clients. These apps are designed to facilitate consumer transactions and interactions.

The second service category provided by Year Three is related to digital marketing and online strategies. The Year Three staff offers both local and global SEO services so that clients can expand local awareness or brand awareness of their products and services. On behalf of clients, Year Three can handle social media account updates and consumer interactions. The firm also takes the time to consider growth strategies for a client, such as optimizing the conversion rates from links and posts that are placed onto social media accounts.

Pay-per-click campaigns are another important service offered by Year Three. This cost-effective marketing strategy begins with research to identify the best location and time for placing the ads. The company targets key audiences and creates inspiring ads to boost client website traffic.

Honors and Awards
Year Three has received several awards from 10 Best SEO. These awards have included categories for Best Local SEO Company and Best Global SEO Company. The firm has also received public testimonials from current and former clients about the effectiveness of its services.