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With over 12 years in the search engine optimization and digital marketing industry, National Positions is a premier agency. Founded in 2004 in Westlake Village, California, by Bernard May and Gary Puterman, National Positions has grown into a successful company with over 500 employees in offices all over the world. The firm’s excellent work in the digital marketing field has been recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal. The company has also been named as an Inc. 500/5000 company for five years in a row and is certified as a Google Partner.

The Mission
With profitable internet marketing being the goal for clients, National Positions understands that each company and business has a unique brand with specific needs. Because of this, National Positions strives to combine strategy with solutions to tailor specific online marketing campaigns for clients. The staff takes into account the budget, brand, individual needs and main goals of each client in order to build an amazing marketing plan for that brand.

The National Positions team of analysts, SEO experts, programmers, designers and writers all form a cohesive unit to build the best digital marketing strategies for their clients. Because of this tailored approach with expert knowledge, National Positions has an impressive client list. The firm has worked with Wal-Mart, Colgate, American Express and Club Med among many other well-known companies.

The Method
National Positions bases its marketing strategy around three digital marketing steps: search engine optimization, building the brand through online content, and paid promotion. With search engine optimization, National Positions makes sure companies get seen in search engines while converting those views to clicks and sales. Defining the brand, finding the target audience and creating a strong social media presence is the next step in the strategy, along with ensuring the client’s reputation is positive. Finally, by utilizing paid promotion, National Positions gets companies exposed and targeted, even when there is a large amount of competition.

Using certified Google AdWords experts, National Positions makes sure businesses are found online more easily to increase customer conversion. With an innovative strategy that evolves with the changes in technology and trends, National Positions is a leader in the industry.