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Matomy Media Group is a firm that specializes in increasing organic and paid search engine presence for clients. The Matomy Media Group consists of four communities or agencies that deliver comprehensive services around search engine optimization, online advertising, app development, website design and more. The company is known for developing strong client relationships and for having a specialist dedicated to each client account.

Founding and Current Members of Matomy Media Group
Matomy Media Group was launched in 2007 by current CEO and co-founder Ofer Druker. Sagi Niri is the firm’s chief operating and financial officer. Ido Pollak functions as the company’s chief technology officer. The group has more than 400 employees at 11 different offices. The company serves more than 5,000 active clients and has an average of 18,000 campaigns ongoing at any time.

Awards and Achievements
The Matomy Media Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a partner. The firm has also placed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It is recognized as a top 20 firm for networking.

Matomy Media Group’s Services and Solutions
Matomy Media Group offers solutions for businesses seeking a smarter, cross-channel marketing campaign. The company assists clients with mobile and Web campaigns across eight different systems so that the client’s reach and network can be expanded. The firm also helps clients with both the display portion of a website and the ability to monetize it. The company’s mobile solutions are its leading area of growth due to the majority of internet searches now being performed on mobile devices. The staff is able to assist clients with domain parking, affiliate services and link building.

Another aspect of the services provided by Matomy Media Group is performance package. Performance solutions offered by Matomy Media Group include increasing views of all types of advertising campaigns. The staff is able to manage the social media accounts of clients, which helps to build a strong and loyal following. The firm creates videos that can be used to gain new customers and engage with longstanding customers. The staff also handles all of media planning, search campaigns and brand awareness campaigns. With a worldwide presence, Matomy Media Group is able to help domestic clients build an international customer base.