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1998 Louisville, KY 50+ Low Graco, Jacuzzi, Tommy Hilfiger

LEAP is a digital marketing agency that makes brands easy to find and difficult to ignore. Their energetic staff works tirelessly to help clients leap ahead of the competition by helping them manage their social, advertising, and public relations needs. LEAP is known for its insightful case studies, attentive planning process, and willingness to create multiple iterations of its strategic methods in order to satisfy client expectations for a great return on investment.

History and Leadership Team Members
LEAP was founded in 1999, and by 2001, it had its first Fortune 500 client. By 2010, they had a staff of 30, began to offer affiliate services, and opened up their second location, resulting in offices in Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio. LEAP’s leadership team includes Daniel Knapp as its chief executive officer, Alan Gilleo as the chief creative officer, Sam Douglass as the vice president of account strategy, Michael Brown as the vice president of creative direction, Michael Wunsch as the vice president of digital performance, and Ryan Kolatalo as the vice president of technology. The firm currently has more than 50 leadership and staff members working at its two locations.

Honors and Awards
LEAP has won many honors and awards for its marketing work including the Silver LOUIE Award in 2016 for one of its commercials. They also earned a 2016 Gold Addy and Silver District Addy for their work on a film trailer. Some other awards earned by LEAP include the 2008 Stevie Award for the Web Site, Brand Building, and Promotion and a total of 21 Communicator Awards including six Gold Awards of Excellence and 15 Silver Awards of Distinction for their previous work.

Client Solutions and Services
LEAP provides a wide variety of client solutions such as animation, stop-motion and video films, and commercials. Their display and logo design ensures that their clients have eye-catching websites and graphics that are clean and striking. LEAP’s staff also conducts creative and user experience research in order to ensure that consumers have a positive experience on a client’s mobile platform.

LEAP also manages social media advertising campaigns to help clients get noticed. They maintain their clients’ social media accounts, handle their online reputations, and sets up integrated marketing solutions across social media networks.