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1999 Hudson, OH 25+ Low World Vision, Fisher Price, Honda

Lead to Conversion is a firm dedicated to excellence in branding, website design and digital marketing. Their team focuses on conversion optimization in order to increase traffic and transactions on the websites of their clients. The firm has worked with large corporations domestically and around the world, helping to create memorable brands with strong stories that become household names.

History and Leadership
Lead to Conversion was founded in 2006 by enthusiastic co-founders Sean Bolton, who functions as the firm’s CEO, and Doug Ausbury, who works as the firm’s Director of Operations. Other members of the leadership team include Matthew Travers as the Vice President of Digital Marketing, Sherry Schofield as the Controller, Mark Alperin as its Director of Digital Marketing and Anne Smith as the Social Media Marketing Manager. The firm’s headquarters is in Hudson, OH.

Awards and Achievements
The 10 Best Design firm has recognized Lead to Conversion as the Leading SEO Web Development Agency in 2016. The company has also earned the People’s Choice Stevie Award in 2015 from the American Business Awards.

Client Solutions and Professional Services
As a full-service digital advertising and online branding firm, Lead to Conversion offers clients essential marketing services. Their branding services help clients to develop a solid brand identity, and they offer logo design and brand strategy consulting so that clients can build a picture of what they want consumers to see.

Design services are another aspect of the work performed by Lead to Conversion. They help clients to build responsive websites that perform across different platforms and mobile devices. Their website design services help to deliver excellent customer experiences so that consumers keep coming back to do business with the client. The firm also handles website maintenance and multimedia design for special features of a client’s website.

The crux of Lead to Conversion’s services is digital marketing. They handle all of a client’s search marketing needs, including campaigns focusing on search engine optimization, link building and content marketing. They also handle the technical aspects of permission email marketing and social media marketing. Lead to Conversion can set up social media promotions as well as customer care interactions. The results of these marketing services include turning quality leads into sales and improving the Google search engine’s ranking of the website. Their work targets organic searches and helps clients gain a competitive edge among other similar businesses in the community.