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1996 Boston, MA 100+ High Avis, Delta, GlaxoSmithKline

iProspect is a digital marketing service company that aims to increase traffic, conversions, and sales for its clients. They strive to help their clients reach and connect with key audiences in order to portray their brands in the best light possible. The team at iProspect works to spur the success of local, national, and global businesses that are ready to grow.

iProspect’s History and Leadership Team
The iProspect firm was founded in 1996 under a different name. It merged with another company and then became iProspect. The company’s leadership team includes Jeremy Cornfeldt, president of U.S. operations; Sam Houston, chief strategy officer; and Mike Gullaksen, chief operating officer. The firm’s international leadership includes Ben Wood, president of iProspect Global; Christopher Pircio, chief financial officer; and Misty Locke, global chief marketing and client officer and president of iProspect Americas.

Awards and Achievements
iProspect has earned many industry awards, including iMedia’s 2015 Best Agency for Search. They were also recognized as the Best Agency for Performance Marketing in 2014. At the 5th Asian Customer Engagement Forum, iProspect was named Agency of the Year 2015, and Managing Director Vivek Bhargava was recognized as Marketer of the Year in the digital marketing and advertising industry category.

Services and Client Solutions
iProspect’s worldwide presence enables them to work with many global clients. Their natural search services help clients boost their search engine rankings and deliver an authentic user experience. iProspect also provides paid search services, including Google AdWords and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, which are a cost-effective way to target advertisements to key audiences.

If a client’s website doesn’t have a good visual flow, iProspect’s marketing team can provide user experience (UX) design services, which optimize the website’s display across channels and platforms. They also make sure that the client’s website performs well on mobile devices and that the site is responsive to the consumer.

Content generation is another important service offered by iProspect. They create quality content, post it to the client’s website, and make sure that there are many external links to the content. They also help to distribute the client’s updated website.