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2013 San Diego, CA N/A Low Lin Orthodontics, McKinney Electric

GoSite Local is a geo-targeted online marketing firm that helps clients be found anywhere online. The firm specializes in helping small businesses get noticed ahead of larger companies that have bigger advertising budgets. GoSite Local helps clients get their websites noticed and use a variety of strategies to gain new customers. The company’s cost-effective solutions and customized packages allow clients to choose marketing packages that they can afford in order to grow their customer bases.

History of GoSite Local
GoSite Local is a small firm of about 12 employees, but they make a big impact. The firm began in 2013 as a way to help small businesses that primarily conduct transactions with local customers.

Services and Client Solutions
Targeted advertising is one of the most important services provided by GoSite Local. This type of investment helps clients target marketing efforts at audiences who are most likely to make a purchase of a product or a service. Targeted advertising campaigns are cost effective and deliver fast and local results.

Another service provided by GoSite Local is expanding the reach of a business. The company can help small businesses draw in clients from up to 50 miles away. The staff optimizes the client’s website with targeted geographic keywords and key phrases such as neighborhood and regional names and areas. This level of optimization considerably increases a client’s conversion rate.

The team at GoSite Local meets one-on-one with each client to ensure that the company’s services will meet their needs. The staff takes the time to educate clients about the reasons to expand their digital reach. GoSite Local understands that most of today’s consumers use the internet in order to find what they need within their own neighborhoods. Few people pick up a printed phone book these days, which is where GoSite Local comes in. The company helps clients modernize their advertising techniques and become comfortable with all the tools available to market themselves online.

Awards and Honors
GoSite Local has received many awards and honors. The firm was ranked as a top 50 local marketing company in 2014. The business also holds a five-star rating on Google.