WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS in the World Wide Web. WordPress is integrated into more than 27% of the top 10 million websites, and it is rapidly growing. And because of that learning, WordPress is one of the best things that you could do now. It will not only allow you to create your own website but also will empower you to find some freelance work out there. You will be able to create blogs, online stores and other kinds of sites and there are many WordPress tutorials online – but how to choose the best ones?

For the beginners out there. These days, there is a shortage of people that would work in web-developing as well as in software developing. As a result, maybe it will even become your full-time job, and you will earn a decent salary. Therefore here you’ll find some great WordPress tutorials from beginner to advanced level. And after you learn everything you need, you’ll also need a nice WordPress theme for your future website.

Beginner Guides

Getting Started With WordPress

wordpress tutorials

If you want to start to learn WordPress, I think one of the best places where to start is the original tutorials from the official WordPress website. Why not start learning it where everything began.

Beginners Guide

wordpress guide

WPBeginner is one of the best sites out there to learn WordPress. By the way, it has one of the largest free WordPress resources collection. Because of that, it is a superb place for a beginner to dig into WordPress.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a WordPress Website

wordpress tutorials

This article as well you could say a tutorial is a great place for beginners to start because it covers all the basics things of the WordPress that you need to know at the beginning of blogging.

How To Make a WordPress Website – 2019

wordpress tutorial

This tutorial explains the basics how to create a simple WordPress page. This video is perfect for people that want only to run their page on WordPress and do not want any complex coding and things.

Learn WordPress in a Week

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This is an ideal step-by-step tutorial for a beginner WordPress developer that seeks to become a lot more competent only in a week. It is divided in weekdays and gives you resources and tips what to learn every day.

Intermediate Guides

WordPress Development for Intermediate Users: Theme Development in Detail

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It is another tutorial from an excellent WordPress site wpmudev. This tutorial explains the theme development in details. After this tutorial, you will know almost everything that you need to know on your level of expertise.

WordPress Development for Intermediate Users: Building Plugins


If you ever wanted to create a WordPress plugin and did not know how to do that, this is for you. This article teaches you how to make relative easy WordPress plugin that you can integrate into yours or friends website.

WordPress Development for Intermediate Users: Making Your Themes Customizer Ready


Another perfect WordPress tutorial for the user at the intermediate level. This guide will give you a general knowledge maybe even all the things that you need to know about WordPress Theme Customizer.

How to Create a Photo Album Gallery in WordPress Without a Plugin

How to Create a Photo Gallery with Albums in WordPress

This tutorial from wpbeginner shows you how to create an album gallery without any plugin. By a click of a button on the album, it will show the user a grid of post photos that was used for that month.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

This well-made tutorial shows you how to install Google Analytics into your WordPress website wherever it is a blog, online store or any other kind of website that will allow you to keep track of your audience.

Advanced Guides

Creating a Custom WordPress Messaging System

WordPress Administration

This tutorial with 3 parts will show you how to build WordPress Messaging System for your website. You will need some knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Apache and WordPress 4.6.1.

Complex Meta Boxes in WordPress

Meta Boxes in WordPress

This article or you could say a tutorial will present you to the Meta Boxes. It will explain all the functions involved in the process and give you in-depth information about it.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Caching

wordpress tutorials

This guide will present you with all the caching details. Also, it will teach you how to get the best loading time and allow all your visitor visit your site using the proper WordPress plugins.

Leverage WordPress Functions to Reduce HTML in your Posts

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This tutorial will explain to you why do you do not need HTML classes in your content and why is it a good thing to get rid of them. Also, it will present you all the alternatives that can be used instead of HTML classes.