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I guess that you are aware what is TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). This non-profit media organization was founded in 1984 and has grown popularity since then. I think, most of you know that it is a perfect place to enrich your knowledge on a variety of fields. So-called TED Talks provide you with a deep look at the topics that are discussed there.

Furthermore, as you probably know TED is a perfect place for designers as their primary focus, in the beginning, was on design, and they still focus on it. Because of that it is an ideal source of inspiration, learning and getting a better understanding what is everything about.

Paul Bennet: Design is in the Details

In this first TED Talk, British branding and design expert Paul Bennet looks deeper into design details. He shows few unique and inspiring products and explains that design is not all about the grand gestures, but also about solutions for small and overlooked problems.

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This Simon Sinek talk is not particularly about design, but still, it will enrich you a lot. He speaks about his simple, but powerful model for inspirational leadership. It starts with a golden circle and the question “Why?” Furthermore, he bases his talk on great examples that includes such people like Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and others.

John Maeda: Designing for Simplicity

This talk was made almost 10 years ago by John Maeda, but it is still valuable today. The speaker is an author of a book called “The Laws of Simplicity.” In the talk, he speaks about the pros and cons about the complexity and simplicity in design. He does not say which is better but leaves you to find the answer by yourself.

John Hockenberry: We are All Designers

Are not we all artists in some cases? This talk was given by John Hockenberry a journalist and commentator. He tells us about his personal story about the impact that design has made in his life. Also, provides an example of how design must have a purpose.

Daniele Quercia: Happy Maps

This is a great talk to get some inspiration for personal designs. The researcher Daniele Quercia describes us about the “Happy maps” idea. The “Happy maps” not only shows the shortest, fastest route from A to B, but it also lets you choose a road that has your personal connections and can make you feel nostalgic or happy.

David Pogue: Simplicity Sells

The New York Times columnist David Pogue in this TED talk shows us how simplicity sells. He introduces us to products that have worst interface designs as well as to products that made it excellent. For the funny part, he goes on describing songs.

Matthew Carter: My Life in Typeface

Type designer Matthew Carter that has created such fonts like Verdana, Georgia and other talks about his life in typography design. He takes us on a trip through his life, career, lessons that he had learned, and how he focused on every pixel of the letter.

Don Norman: 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

Don Norman is a cognitive scientist, design critic and an author of  “The Design of Everyday Things.” In his talk way back in 2003 he looks at the designs that make people happy. In the talk, he delivers three emotional cues that product with good design must trigger to succeed.

Marian Bantjes: Intricate Beauty by Design

In this TED talk, a designer, illustrator, and typographer Marian Bantjes speaks about her own experiences. She states that throwing your own individuality into a design makes them unique. And as a great example, she gives her career.

Denis Dutton: A Darwinian Theory of Beauty

This TED talk animated by Andrew Park illustrates philosopher Denis Dutton theory on beauty. He tells how evolution interacted with our understanding of beauty. Also, he states that humans have some kind of consistent perception of beauty.

Jinsop Lee: Design For All 5 Senses

This is a great talk for those who want to apply more senses in their design. Multi-sense designer Jinsop Lee introduces us to his theory five-senses design. Tells us what are the advantages of incorporating all of the senses into design, and how to achieve amazing experience.

Margaret Gould Stewart: How Giant Websites Design for You (and a Billion Other, Too)

Margaret Gould Stewart Facebook’s user experience master gives us a speak about how the smallest changes in design could have a tremendous impact. She states that by making tiniest changes on globally widespread design could cause global outrage as well as it could improve the lives of many.

Chris Downey: Design With the Blind in Mind

Chris Downey is an architect who went blind in 2008 and in this talk he speaks about how the perspective has changed. He states the importance of changing the point of view while designing something. This concept can be applied to every design industry possible from architecture to typography.

David Kelley: How to Build Your Creative Confidence

In this TED talk designer and educator, David Kelley discusses the labels that are given to people “creative” and “not creative.” He says that everyone is naturally innovative. Furthermore, he gives examples from his career to express that everyone is artistic. Also, he explains how to build the confidence to show it.

Seth Godin: On Sliced Bread

In this last but not least TED talk. Marketing guru and author Seth Godin speaks about our world that has too many options and little time. For the apparent reason, we choose to ignore the ordinary stuff and because of that good designs/things get lost. Furthermore, He expresses his opinion that terrible and weird are more successful than good but boring ones.