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I’m not a huge fashion or beauty fan. But even I know that both things are the real deal. There are thousands of online shops, millions of models and makeup artists. Fashion brands are making millions of dollars.

I was shocked when I read an article – The 7 Highest Paid Beauty Bloggers Of 2015 on The girl makes roughly $41,000 each month, and that’s just from YouTube. It’s a lot!

After this, I’ve started to check how many fashion and beauty blogs are online. THOUSANDS! And the bubble is growing. Why? Because we are getting familiar with blog platforms, it’s much easier to make it happen. There are several main different social media channels and now it’s the perfect time to start.

At the start of 2016 more than 26% of websites on the internet use WordPress to power their sites. Because It’s easy to use, easy to set up, easy to change themes, thousands of plugins and much more!

If you also into fashion and beauty business, but don’t have a blog yet. It’s about the time! But before launching let me introduce you with the Queen of fashion magazines theme – SILK!

SILK is a fashion magazine WordPress theme specially designed exclusively to suit all the needs of a promising fashion blogger. It was created by ”a small team of young dreamers driven by our commitment to do things right.” They call themselves – PixelGrade.


Maybe you’ve been wondering why you should choose SILK? There are thousands of fashion themes for WordPress. You’re right! Still there’s nothing even close to this one. Let’s check the main features:

  •    SILK is a handcrafted theme. Typography, specific elements and subtle interactions are what you need to make your site look remarkable;
  •    It helps you to communicate with the World. You can easily add your social networks to the header or showcase your latest Instagram pictures. Also, there is a custom sidebar place where your visitors can subscribe to the newsletter. Don’t need to use other plugins;
  •    SILK comes with an intuitive interface. You can change colors, fonts, layout sizes or even create your word mark using the unique Smart Logo Creator;

  • Also, SILK is mobile-ready and responsive for all devices.
  •    The theme allows utterly add social icons links. They will naturally appear below the main menu so that everyone can spread the beautiful stories. No coding require!
  •    SILK is ready to be translated into nine different languages (German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish, Hebrew, Persian and Japanese translations). In one simple click, your blog can be read by a wide audience.
  •    It’s SEO ready! It has a solid foundation for all your specific SEO needs. You will get a semantic markup filled with all the wise data to make sure that your content gets easily discovered by search engines.
  •    And the last one on the main features – clean code. Structured, consistent code which allows you to edit the theme without hiring any developer.


The team spent over 1000 hours to create this masterpiece. The theme costs $125. But it’s not only for a theme. For this price, you will get much more!

  • PixelGrade offers a 100% money back guarantee. Also, you will have 30 days of test–driving. If you’re disaffected with it, for any reason, just drop an email and they will take care of you.
  • 1 year of on-click automatic and pain-free updates are included in the price.
  • PixelGrade team ensure that you will have the best experience possible with customer support service. Contact them with every question you got!


In my opinion, it is better to spend some money and have fully designed and coded themes that are regularly updated. If you want to succeed and reach your goal, you need to invest and work with the best. Also, fully prepared themes bring outstanding results in the long run.

As the authors of the theme said: SILK is the only WordPress theme that keeps your site as fashionable as you!

It’s a perfect day to start your fashion blog today. Download SILK and conquer the fashion world today!