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Photoshop actions can be a serious time saving tool when editing photos. Rather then repeating laborious steps to create a photo effect, Photoshop actions allow you to create an effect in as little as one click – pretty handy when your time is valuable.

If your new to Photoshop actions, they are created from recording the steps you took to complete a task – you can then save and replay this action again without having to go back over each step of the task. Photoshop actions can be created and saved, but crucially you can import actions that others have previously created.

In this post I wanted to provide you with a collection of quality, time saving Photoshop actions that create some super cool photos and save you some serious time!

Free Photoshop Actions

The following ten Photoshop action packs are free to download and use, some contain multiple effects bundled into the download also.

Idiot Actions

Free Retro Photo Actions

Instagram Valencia Photoshop Action

Free Vintage Actions #2

Photoshop Action 28

Instagram Nashville Effect Action

Instagram Photoshop Actions

Vintage and Retro Colour Actions

Vintage Action

Magenta Pop Action

Premium Photoshop Actions

These following ten Photoshop action packs are premium, meaning you have to pay a small amount to download and use them in your projects. Again, some packs contain multiple actions to give loads of different effects.

Fresh Summer Photography Actions

Vintage Autumn Actions

70+ Premium Photo Effects

Vintage Summer in US Photo Effects

Vignettes / Lomo / Light Leaks Action Bundle

Texturize Photoshop Action Bundle

Vintage Effects – Photoshop Action

33 Vintage/Retro Photoshop Effetcs

HipstaLike Actions

Vintage Roadtrip – 35 Premium Photo Effects