Monogram logos are a sophisticated way to create a versatile brand logo that can be used across all your marketing and sales channels.

However, it can be hard to create a monogram logo that stands out from the rest. Since 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo, failing to distinguish yourself can create branding confusion.

Studying a range of famous monogram designs, you can find inspiration for a unique monogram logo of your own.

Check out the flairs and flourishes in these 18 beautiful monogram logo designs and take note for your own branding.

What’s a monogram logo design?

A monogram logo is a logo design that’s made up from one to three letters. Usually initials or an acronym, these letters join together or overlap to create one single image.

Sometimes, big brand monogram logos incorporate up to three letters inside a bubble, square, or border. Often you’ll see shading, a symbol or patterns thrown in as well.

An extremely popular logo design type, you’ll find a myriad of top brands that use monogram logos.

This is because monogram logos are extremely versatile. While a monochrome palette is the second most popular color choice for big brand logos, monograms can appear in various colors.

As the signature design remains the same, you can use all different colors for your professional logo. Equally, you can overlay a monogram logo over various patterns and backgrounds or use it on products.

Adding a touch of sophistication, you’ll see monogram logos are popular for luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Monograms are also highly memorable.

When you consider the New York Yankees logo, it’s easy to conjure up a picture:


New York Yankees Logo

(Image Source)

The simple, near-symmetrical image combines the N and Y of New York. The curved letters are iconic and the unique logo can be seen brandishing merchandise, stadiums, and clothing everywhere.

While the logo is mostly seen in black, white, or navy, you’ll find other examples in red, yellow, gold, and pretty much any color.

Inspire yourself with these 18 magnificent examples of monogram logo design

A sophisticated logo is imperative to make a good first impression as a professional brand.

Get inspiration from popular monogram logos to see how you can combine your company’s initials to build a sleek lettered logo.

Check out these 18 monogram logo design ideas to see if you get a spark of creativity for your brand logo.

Monogram Logo #1: LG

Check out this clever monogram by LG:


LG logo

(Image Source)

Electronic and home appliance brand, LG, uses a quaint monogram logo to combine the two letters of its name.

You’ll often see the letters in gray on LG products, next to the round monogram logo. It’s quite common to combine the company name and a monogram. In fact, the most recognizable logos are those that combine images and words.

Notice how LG’s round monogram contains a hidden message, making the logo a bit more quirky and fun.

The nose is made using the L, while the G shapes the face or mouth.

Since content with faces gets twice as much engagement as content without, incorporating human elements into your monogram logo is smart.

Monogram Logo #2: HP

Check out how HP combines letters in a bubble:

hp logo

(Image Source)

Computer company, Hewlett-Packard, combines the two initials from its long and hard-to-spell name.

The letters are encased in a bold blue bubble, seeming to be cut out from the shape. This clever use of negative space makes the signature ‘h’ and ‘p’ stand out.

This monogram logo is so recognizable that HP doesn’t need to use their full name in marketing campaigns or on its products. Instead, this eye-catching blue button is used to signify HP.

Monogram Logo #3: DC

DC uses a symbol on its monogram logo, like this:

DC Shoe Co monogram logo

(Image Source)

Skatewear brand, DC, uses bold symmetry in its monogram logo design. The two letters of the company name lend itself to a mirrored monogram, which can be used as a pattern on products or for marketing campaigns.

DC’s seven-pointed star is a signature feature on its products, adding a unique stylistic element to its custom logo design

Notice that while DC SHOE CO USA is included here, this logo is most often featured without the company name.

Monogram Logo #4: Victoria and Albert Museum

Admire this classy monogram logo for this world-famous museum:

Victoria & Albert monogram logo

(Image Source)

The Victoria and Albert Museum is an iconic fashion museum in London, UK. It’s chic monogram logo uses the initials of both words, combined with an ampersand.

The ampersand is used to shorten the name and include a decorative embellishment to add brand identity to the logo. Similarly, the A is represented with one single line, to give the logo a sophisticated finish.

The sleek serif font is timeless, creating the right classic logo for such a prestigious museum.

Monogram Logo #5: General Electric

Look at how General Electric harks back to its historical monogram:

General Electric's monogram logo

(Image Source)


General Electric has a seemingly old-fashioned monogram logo that uses a script font to combine the G and E initials.

The circle monogram uses flourishes and embellishments for a highly decorative feel. The loopy letters mimic old-style handwriting.

This is because the logo seen today is adapted from the original GE monogram logo, created back in 1892. GE has kept the same script lettering since its birth.

Notice the use of a blue background. Blue is often associated with focus and hard work.

Monogram Logo #6: Gucci

Fashion icon, Gucci, has perhaps one of the most famous monogram logos:

Gucci monogram logo

(Image Source)

The double G logo is strikingly familiar all over the world, immediately signaling premium products. Used on patterned clothing, bags, jewelry, and branding, Gucci’s monogram is, undoubtedly, iconic.

Designed in 1933, this monogram is most often seen in black, gold, and silver, but also appears in white, red, and blue.

Monogram Logo #7: Volkswagen

You’ll likely recognize the Volkswagen monogram:


VW monogram logo

(Image Source)

Reliable car company, Volkswagen, has used a variation of the original logo since the firm was founded.

The original monogram was designed in 1937. Apart from a few color changes and sleeker lines, the logo looks the same. The original logo was red rather than blue, however, most consumers recognize the logo from the silver car badge.

Combining the V above the W, this monogram uses a circle to join all the letters together.

Monogram Logo #8: CNN

CNN’s bold red logo is a classic monogram design:

CNN monogram logo

(Image Source)

Popular news channel, CNN, uses red to create a bold alertness to its monogram logo. The striking color is interrupted with a thin white line to break up the texture.

The C, N, and N, are joined together in a squiggly line, giving the idea of quick writing or radio waves. All three letters are combined in one line.

While the logo hasn’t changed much since the start of CNN, the latest update was way back in 1994.

Monogram Logo #9: Electronic Arts

World-famous gaming company, Electronic Arts, have used this monogram since the turn of the century:

EA monogram logo

(Image Source)

You may recognize the EA circle monogram logo from sports enterprise, Electronic Arts. The gaming brand and sports host uses this logo on TV, on its games, on merchandise, and across all forms of advertising.

The simple logo combines thick straight lines with geometric edges.

Created in 2000, this logo is most often seen in monochrome, but also appears as red with a white circle, as well as other color combinations.

Monogram Logo #10: Givenchy

Check out this stunning square monogram:

Givenchy monogram logo

(Image Source)

Fashion brand, Givenchy, is another highly recognizable monogram logo.

The square design looks a bit like a flower, pulling on vintage tessellation artwork to create this blossom-like monogram.

While Givenchy has been around since 1952, this iconic logo was only designed in 2003 by Paul Barnes.

Rotating a squared-off G shape, Barnes was able to create this memorable monogram that Givenchy uses to brand products and as a tiled pattern.

Monogram Logo #11: Estee Lauder

This monogram has an elegant use of negative space:

Estee Lauder monogram logo

(Image Source)

Cosmetics company, Estee Lauder, was founded in 1946. Since the beginning of the company, the logo has only been updated three times.

Despite the updates, the logo isn’t all that different to the original monogram design.

The E and L are written in overlapping script, using negative space to form the letters. Contained within an opaque box, a monoline frame encloses the whole custom logo design.

The typography of the monogram logo contrasts the sleek, sans serif letters of the company name.

Monogram Logo #12: Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent has never changed its monogram logo:

Yves Saint Laurent monogram logo

(Image Source)

Another classic monogram logo design, Yves Saint Laurent creates a custom monogram by using the exact three initials from its name. These initials are used in the same style and font as the name.

The famous typeface was designed in 1961 by well-known typographer, Cassandre. The monogram logo, with its waterfall of vertical lettering, has never been changed.

Notice how you can’t work out which letters are in the foreground and background of the monogram.

Monogram Logo #13: Fendi

No doubt, you’ll recognize Fendi’s rectangle monogram:

Fendi monogram logo

(Image Source)

Clothing brand, Fendi, has an unforgettable double F logo that was designed by fashion guru, Karl Lagerfeld in 1965.

The block capitals look just like the first initial, but a bit taller and thinner. The monogram is made by flipping one of the ‘F’s horizontally and vertically to form a box.

While used as a pattern on bags and clothing, the monogram is mostly used in conjunction with the company name.

Monogram Logo #14: Michael Kors

Michael Kors uses its monogram on all its products:

Michael KOrs monogram logo

(Image Source)

Top fashion brand, Michael Kors, also has a very recognizable monogram design.

The brand has been around since 1981, and the famous monogram logo has been with the company the whole time.

The M joins the K by using the same vertical downstroke. The thick circle ties the letters together. The font is the same as the firm’s name, but bolder.

Customers enjoy the logo on Michael Kors products, used as stitched patterns, diamante embellishments, and printed decoration.

Monogram Logo #15: Warner Bros

Warner Bros uses a monogram logo inside a shield:

Warner Brothers monogram logo

(Image Source)

Warner Bros has been alive since 1923. Since it began, Warner Bros has changed its custom monogram logo 23 times.

While the unique logo has been switched up a lot, the shield has been used in every logo since 1984.

The newest logo has lost the shiny background and has been replaced with a more sophisticated, simple logo that can be overlaid on different backgrounds.

While this works for Warner Bros, be aware that boxed monogram logos can be perceived by customers as a signal of a close-minded brand.

Monogram Logo #16: Proctor and Gamble

Check out this bubble monogram logo:

Proctor & Gamble monogram logo

(Image Source)

Pharmaceutical brand, Proctor and Gamble has a simple monogram logo in a big blue bubble.

While the letters don’t overlap, the initials are contained within a two-tone shape. The lighter blue gives the impression of a three-dimensional shape.

The simple serif font appears a bit outdated at first. However, it harks back to the original heritage soap and candle company logo from P&G’s earlier days.

Monogram Logo #17: Chanel

You can’t forget Chanel’s monogram:

Chanel monogram logo

(Image Source)

Chanel has one of the most signature monogram logos.

Coco Chanel, herself, designed the double C logo in 1925. Since then, the interlocking C monogram has been used on jewelry, clothing, accessories, and bags around the world.

Don’t get this monogram confused with Gucci’s logo, which also features double symmetrical slab typography.

Monogram Logo #18: American Airlines

American Airlines adds an image with its lettering:

American Airlines monogram logo

(Image Source)

American Airlines has used the eagle in its monogram logos since its inception as a company. The eagle has changed over time to become smaller and less cartoon-like.

Now the monogram logo features two letters: one red, one blue. The eagle is now an angular, geometric representation of the bird that sits above the double As.

This newest version of the monogram design has been around since 2013.

Monogram Logo #19: McDonald’s

McDonald’s monogram is globally recognizable:

Macdonalds monogram logo

(Image Source)

McDonald’s yellow arches form a large M to signify the first initial of the restaurant. However, that’s not the only reason for the yellow arches.

The yellow arches come from the first McDonald’s franchise built in 1952. The building featured two large yellow arches in the design.

Later, when Ray Kroc took over in 1961, he incorporated this feature into the monogram logo.

The basic monogram logo is great for increasing profits, as simple logos encourage consumption.


This article will have given you a whole bunch of inspiring examples of monogram design.

Don’t just stick to blank lettering. Try to incorporate a small symbol, borders, or embellishments to make your professional logo memorable. Remember that using both images and words together is always a clear winner.

If you have any questions about creating monogram logos, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Design Woop.