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With over 41 trillion views of free fonts in 2020, choosing a free font for commercial use can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Not only is it tough to pick a typography to enhance your branding, it’s even harder to find one that’s free for business use.

Don’t Miss These 26 Breathtaking Free Fonts for Commercial Use

With at least a half a million fonts out there, choosing a free font for commercial use can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Not only is it tough to pick a typography to enhance your branding, it’s even harder to find one that’s free for business use.

Luckily, the internet is flush with eye-catching free commercial fonts to increase brand recall and awareness for your enterprise.

In this article we’ll give you the 26 best free fonts (for commercial use) that stand out among the crowd.

What’s a free font for commercial use?

While many fantastic fonts are free to use, not all can be used for your business.

For a typeface to be free for commercial use, it has to come with Attribution. This means it doesn’t have a font license.

In this respect, it can be used for any aspect of your business, from branding to marketing and sales.

Commercial use refers to any occasion where the typeface is used in conjunction with making money.

If you use a free font that isn’t for commercial use, you could face fines for copyright infringement.

Take the Ninja Naruto typeface, for example.

Ninja Naruuto display font

(Image Source)

Inspired by the anime series ‘Naruto’, this graffiti-style brush font is great for logo design and headlines.

As you can see, it is clearly labeled as ‘Free for commercial use’.

Look for these indicators when picking a free commercial font.

Try these 26 free fonts for commercial use to enliven your branding

You’re looking to ramp up your web design and commercial branding, but you’re worried about copyright infringement with free fonts.

Finding a stunning free commercial font will solve this problem, and you’ll need no extra licensing to use these alphabets.

Check out these 26 free commercial typefaces and see if these inspire new branding ideas.

Free Font #1: Mender Typeface

Free font for commercial use. This typeface is Mender Typeface

(Image Source)

Mender Typeface is a modern, sans serif font with clean lines and exceptional stylistic features.

With unique fracturing aesthetics, this futuristic font is eye-catching and professional.

While there are 4741 sans serif fonts to choose from, Mender Typeface is a solid free commercial font choice for logos and signage.

Free Font #2: Intro Rust

Free font for commercial use. This typeface is Intro Rust G Base 2 Line

(Image Source)

Intro Rust is a bold yet soft slab font. With textured lettering, it gives a rustic, urban feel.

An ideal title font, you can use this free commercial typeface for business signs and emblems.

Note the thin hollowed out line in the middle. This makes for interesting colour combinations when paired with different backgrounds.

Free Font #3: Mightype

Free font for commercial use. This typeface is Mightype

(Image Source)

Check out this beautiful free commercial script font, Mightype.

This handwritten font is dainty and elegant, yet clear enough to read from a distance.

Another elegant font for headlines, this is a good typeface to use in promotional content.

Enjoy the joined lettering and brushed curves of the stylistic brush script.

Free Font #5: APL386

Free commercial typeface. This font is APL386

(Image Source)

APL386 is a trek typewriter font with a modern typeface edge.

Adam Smith’s APL385 font inspired this technological-looking font. The fun, curvaceous aspects are drawn from Comic Sans. The fun, curvaceous aspects are drawn from Comic Sans.

Free Font #6: Wanderlust

Free commercial typeface. This font is Wanderlust

(Image Source)

Wanderlust is designed with nature and travel in mind.

Great for logos and block text, enjoy it’s sleek curves and bold serifs.

Combining slab serifs and round edges, the designer aims to capture rural mountain life in this free font for commercial use.

Free Font #7: Athene

Free commercial typeface. This font is Athene

(Image Source)

Designed by Matt Ellis, Athene is one of the most graceful free commercial fonts.

The circular body of the lettering is paired with fine horizontal accents to enhance the calligraphy font.

With capitals, lowercase, and punctuation available, this elegant font works well for body text and headlines.

Free Font #8: Something Wild

Need a free commercial font. Choose this brush script

(Image Source)

Looking for a travel-inspired typeface for your worldly brand? Try Something Wild.

This textured brush font offers artistic, rough uppercase lettering and some punctuation.

This can be used both for paragraphs and headers but it works best for promotional content, like pop-ups.

Free Font #9: Quicksand

Need a free commercial font. Choose this sans serif typeface

(Image Source)

Need a sleek no-nonsense body font? Quicksand is your guy.

This free commercial font is simple, minimalistic, and comprehensive.

Enjoy bold, italics, uppercase, lowercase, and common symbols.

Since Open Sans is the #2 font on Google, it’s clear sans serif fonts are in fashion. Try a gorgeous free sans serif typeface like Quicksand for your branding.

Download Quicksand free, to master clean-looking white space in your design.

Free Font #10: Albertho

Albertho free font

(Image Source)

Albertho is a smooth marker pen script font, apt for urban businesses.

While soft and loopy, this typography has a graffiti style that gives it a metropolitan vibe.

A stellar title font, this is a great typeface for artistic designs, company logos, and promotional content. Try using this web font on social media posts.

Check out its stunning swirling tails.

Free Font #11: Banthers

Banthers free font

(Image Source)

Banthers is a vintage-style all-caps font that gives an antique feel to your branding.

Whimsical and flowing, these block capitals are great for small text and large writing.

Notice the handwritten font has a hand-drawn feel. This texture makes the web font feel homely and nostalgic.

Free Font #12: Zimra

Zimra free font

(Image Source)

Zimra exudes elegance for any commercial brand. If you need a sleek, chic business font, this free commercial typeface is yours for the gaming.

Similar to Vogue’s notorious typography, this font is slightly wider and softer. Yet, you’ll notice how Zimra is still as timeless.

Pay particular attention to how beautiful the uppercase and lowercase letters are, and how sophisticated a combination of the two is.

Free Font #13: Sweet Pineapple

Sweet Pineapple free font

(Image Source)

Looking for something cutesy? Sweet Pineapple is a darling free commercial web font, with hand-sketched lines and wobbly edges.

A lovely font for social media posts, logos, and signs, this font would be at home with a jewelry brand, healthy bakery, or local design agency.

You’ll get free commercial access to uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and common symbols.

Free Font #14: Cute Punk

cute punk free font

(Image Source)

Cute Punk has a loopy, handwritten feel with a punk edge.

This sexy font is alluring and fun; great for alternative brands and seasonal offers.

Designed by Flou, this spooky, enticing font is very versatile. Try using it in artwork, on printed merchandise, and on your website.

This font is best used as a large typeface so use for logos, titles, and headlines.

Free Font #15: Bough

Bough free font

(Image Source)

Bough oozes the rustic, woodland aesthetic.

The eroded texture mimics the look and feel of wood, making it a super choice for handmade products and eco-friendly branding.

Notice the alternate glyphs. Choose the loops and tails that fit your text. A lovely customisable touch.

Free Font #16: Stig

Stig free font

(Image Source)

Stig is an unusual free commercial font that’s bound to make a statement.

This geometric, humanistic typeface is inspired by tattoos and rap album covers. This makes it ideal for urban branding and inner city narratives.

Note that the characters are limited and you don’t have access to lowercase letters.

Free Font #17: Hanna

Hanna free font

(Image Source)

Hanna is a kitsch typeface with a cheeky twist.

Handcrafted in the style of Baedal Minjok, the lettering was formed using acrylic cut out stencils.

Note the 60s and 70s style motifs, with fatter and thinner sections, and squared-off edges mixed with curves.

This thick and thin, friendly font is a top choice for clothing companies, children’s brands, and homemade products.

Free Font #18: Dexotick

dexotick free font

(Image Source)

Dexotick features glorious sweeping brush strokes, mimicking a marker pen or brush. Another urban font, this typeface works well for dramatic slogans and titles.

Produced by Dhan Studio, this handwritten font has a textured feel to resemble brush strokes. Some of the letters connect while some remain unconnected, giving the impression of realistic writing.

Use this font for businesses that work with art and urban culture, for inner city vibes of street art and hip hop.

Free Font #19: Shrimp

Shrimp free font

(Image Source)

Shrimp is a cute block typeface. The simple yet striking letterforms are both stylish and nostalgic at once.

The font resembles varsity lettering, with slightly curvy edges. Available in uppercase and lowercase, this lettering works well for large signs and logos, as well as smaller body text.

Commercial entities can enjoy a full font family, with both hollow lettering and block-filled options.

This font comes with a whole range of punctuation.

Free Font #20: Monday Blues

Monday Blues free font

(Image Source)

Inspired by blues music, just as the name suggests, Monday Blues has a retro edge and country vibe.

Note how the sweeping, curly font features peaked dips on the tops of the letters, with curved, pointed serifs to embellish the lettering.

With uppercase and lowercase letters available, this font is great for decorative titles and elaborate headlines. Use on posters, social media texts, and promotional content.

Free Font #21: Mellow Line

Mellow Line free font

(Image Source)

Mellow Line is a beautiful handmade font with long, sweeping loops and razor-thin lines. If you’re looking for a light script for a free commercial font, this is a top choice.

This monoline script font offers both uppercase and lowercase letters. Notice the extra embellishments decorating the uppercase letters, and the minimalist clarity on the lowercase letters. This makes the font easy to read.

This font is free for commercial and personal use, and comes with a range of useful punctuation and common symbols.

Free Font #22: Critical

Critical free font

(Image Source)

Critical is an unusual font, characterized by its bold thickness and 1920’s style. The rounded edges and wide verticals give it a classy feel, perfect for sophisticated professionals.

The free commercial font, designed by Vladimir Nikolic, draws from the spy era to create this sexy yet clean-lined font.

This font is only available as uppercase letters, but a range of punctuation is available.

Free Font #23: Metrica

Metrica free font

(Image Source)

Metrica is a stunning geometric font that uses straight lines to decorate each letter.

Despite the adornments, each letter is easy to read, making is a great typeface for logo design and decorative text.

Users of this commercial font enjoy upper and lowercase letters, as well as three font weights. That makes this font family a stellar option for full website branding.

This lettering works well to draw attention to social media posts due to its uniqueness and elegance.

Free Font #24: Lines

Lines free font

(Image Source)

Made by Marcelo Reis Melo, Lines is both simple and classy, pulling on chic Swedish minimalism, and efficient German engineering.

With uppercase letters and common punctuation available, users can also enjoy popular accents and symbols for European languages.

Striking against bold backgrounds, this lightweight font has a mellow, curvaceous feel that only adds to its clarity. Download as an OTF, TTF, or Webfont.

Free Font #25: Color Tube Pro

Color Tube Pro free font

(Image Source)

Color Tube Pro is a strikingly beautiful basic font. Using the intersections of lines to create circular meeting points, this simple font creates a fun, friendly vibe.

This font comes with the colors and as a monochrome edition. The monochrome edition doesn’t have the circles but does have the same sweeping curves in the letters.

Download this free commercial font to enjoy both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with popular symbols. Both alphabets can be used for headlines and body text, thanks to the typeface’s clarity.

Free Font #26: Neon Light

Neone Light free font

(Image Source)

Based on neon lighting, Neon Light is a gorgeous sans serif font with clean straight lines and boxed edges.

This uppercase font comes in two styles: hollow with dots, or filled with hollow dots. One gives the impression of the light being on, and one of the lights being off.

Use this font to light up giveaways and promotions, and to introduce your brand’s show-stopping products.

Download this font family for letters, numbers, and punctuation.


Now you’ve got some hot suggestions on gorgeous free fonts for commercial use, you’ll have no problem picking a typeface to spruce up your branding.

Remember not to use fancy scripts for body text as it can confuse the eye. Equally, don’t miss out on bold statement typefaces to create cutting-edge logos.

If you have any questions about free fonts for commercial use, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Design Woop.