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The right marketing strategy can certainly get you ahead of the competition, but one of the keys to your success will involve designing outstanding promotional materials that are attractive and eye-catching, whether they are in digital or physical form. So, when it comes to designing your website, your business cards, and everything in between, check out the tips below.

Always Use a High-Quality Printing Service

First off, when it comes to physical promotional materials such as your business cards, stickers, and postcards, you definitely want to use a printing service like GotPrint that can guarantee you will be thoroughly satisfied with the results. The last thing that you want to do is hand out promotional materials that are obviously cheaply made with uneven edges, smudged ink, or faded colors. Plus, the right printing company can even help you with your designs to ensure that they will look perfect on paper.

Use Your Logo in a Strategic Way

Whenever you sit down to design your own promotional materials or to work with a designer who will get the job done for you, focus on the placement of your logo. Your logo should be used strategically so that it is not in the way. However, when it comes down to designing things like promotional thumb drives, you want your logo to be placed in a manner that will make the product double as a form of advertising, so you do want it to be visible whenever the item is being used.

Don’t Forget White Space

Print materials, as well as websites, should have what is known as white space. This is basically empty space that is not being used and it is important because it can bring a lot of balance to any design. You don’t want to cram one design element after another into every little bit of space that you are working with. Instead, you want your promo piece to be organized, whether it is your website, your postcards, or your business cards.

Remember That Less Is Usually More

When it comes to design, less is often more. In addition to considering the use of white space, you also want your overall design to be easy on the eyes. You don’t want people to look at your site or your promotional materials and become confused. Instead, you want your message to be clear, you want the material to be laid out in an easy-to-follow fashion, and you want your logo and color scheme to be attractive and make an impact.

Be Consistent

Finally, you want your designs to have some level of consistency, as that will help with brand recognition. So work on things like your brand’s logo and color scheme so that you can reuse the same elements multiple times while incorporating new elements in each promotional piece.

With the handy tips above, you can design awesome promotional materials that will help generate interest and help get your business out there to more people so you can increase your profits.