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Booking flights, searching for the cheapest option or the best destination. All these things cost a lot of time when you’re searching them on your own. Besides, for a freelance designer, time is the most valuable thing you can ever have. As people like to say “Time is money.”

As a result of that, people created many useful apps for designers who travels, and only for them, that saves you a lot of time searching and preparing for your trip. It not only saves your time but, also makes all the things much easier and simpler to deal with.

Hipmunk Travel – Hotels & Flights (Free)

Hipmunk app is an ideal place to find the best deal for flight and hotel. It gives you free flight alerts, and you can book immediately in the app. Furthermore, it lets you discover great traveling destinations due to their curated travel themes.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

Mint (Free)

Mint is a free app that enables you to manage your money all in one place. The app allows you to manage your finances like bills, flight tickets, and other expenses. Furthermore, after adding all your expenditures and earnings, it provides you with detail analyzes of your financial situation.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

TripAdvisor (Free)

TripAdvisor is probably the best-known traveling app out there. It has a huge community of travelers that provides reviews, photos, and maps about certain destinations. Therefore, if you are not sure about your trip, you can instantly find reviews about it in the app.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

LiveTrekker (Free)

LiveTrekker enables you with the possibility to create your travel journal. It lets you capture random ideas or the most inspiring moments of your trip and add it to the app for future. Therefore, after the journey, you will be able to see your journal quickly for a boost of inspiration.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

Weather Underground (Free)

Weather Underground is maybe one of the most important apps that you could need in traveling. This app provides you with detail weather forecast and current conditions. Thus, if you do not want that your journey would be destroyed by weather, it is a must-have.

Download on iOS, and Web.

MAPS.ME (Free)

MAPS.ME is an ideal free app if you need offline turn-by-turn navigation. It is a perfect choice because it does not use mobile data. Also, it is distraction free and incredibly detail that lets you easily find your destination point without any stops.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

Trello (Free)

Trello is a free team management app. If you are currently working as a designer on some project or start-up, and want to travel. This app will lend you a hand. It lets you easily manage a team, assign tasks to colleagues, see all the progress and provides with other useful features.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

Inkflow Visual Notebook (Free)

Inkflow Visual Notebook is an app that gives you almost real-life notebook. In the app, you can write, create visuals and make sketches. Therefore, when you are flying on the plane, and a magnificent idea comes to your head, you can easily illustrate it.

Download on iOS.


Pixelmator is a powerful layer-based image editor. Now, wherever you will be, you can easily edit pictures, sketch or design anything you come up with. Furthermore, this app enables you to create seamlessly on all Apple platforms. As an example, you can start on iPhone and continue working on your Mac.

Download on iOS, and Mac. ($4.99)


Sketchworthy is an ideal place to create and manage your notes. You can easily sketch some design ideas on the go as well as underline some important information. Moreover, it lets you share your work around the social networks, and save tweets, emails, posts in the notebook.

Download on iOS. ($2.99)


Forest is a perfect app that will help you to stay focused and productive on your travels. The app lets you plant a tree and grow it in a particular time. If you close the app, the tree disappears and does not count into your forest. Possibly the coolest feature is that it enables you to plant real trees on earth.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web. ($1.99)

RealizD Pro

RealizD Pro is an app that tracks what you are doing on the mobile phone. The app will provide you with a detail analyses how much time you spend on the phone as well where do you spend the most time. It will help you to stay more productive on your travels.

Download on iOS. ($4.49)

Evernote (Free)

Evernote is an app that enables you to organize your personal and professional projects. It will quickly help you to pitch your ideas for the upcoming design project while you are traveling. Moreover, the app can sync between every device.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web.

XE Currency (Free)

XE Currency is an essential app while you are traveling across the globe. This app will show you all the worlds’ currency rates at that moment. Also, it provides you with the currency converter that lets you convert money at the current rate.

Download on iOS, Android, and Web. (Pro version $2.79)

TripIt (Free)

TripIt will enable you to create visual your upcoming travel plans. You will need simply forward the confirmation email, and the app will create an itinerary of your trip. Furthermore, it will include all the necessary details of your travel.

Download on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Web.