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It used to be that videos would have taken 20-30 minutes to fully stream over dial-up Internet. But now people can browse YouTube and watch videos streaming from their phone with a 4G connection. This has paved the way for many video-integrated websites including fullscreen background videos.

In this gallery I’ve compiled a series of 30 brilliant websites featuring large homepage video backgrounds. Each layout is structured in a unique yet systematic way according to the video quality and color scheme. Fullscreen background video is a newer trend which has gained a lot of attention over recent years. Use this gallery for both design inspiration and generating cool new ideas in your own projects.

Google Photos

google photos ui homepage design fullscreen

Oven Bits

oven bits software design company fullscreen video


stegaru victor developer fullscreen video

Risk Everything

risk everything money investment company ui


geckoboard dashboard homepage design layout


bradient web design agency fullscreen video bg


tool production company fullscreen video design


whiteboard design agency video background

Purple, Rock, Scissors

purple rock scissors agency video background


waaac agency studio branding design


design and code ios app design studio

Fernando Maclen

fernando maclen designer portfolio fullscreen video

Persuade Content

persuade content website fullscreen video

Union Digital

dark website union digital agency video background

Life of Pi

life of pi movie homepage video background

Blu Homes

blu homes architecture agency video

The Yacht Company

fullscreen minimalist video background yacht company

Squat New York

squat new york agency creative design

Sean O’Brien

sean obrien windsurfer professional website portfolio

Chattanooga Renaissance

chattanooga renaissance funded website

Matter Strategic Design

matter strategic design video background layout

Bienville Capital Management

bienville capital management company fullscreen video

Cobble Hill

cobble hill web design agency creative studio

Sid Gentle

sid gentile website design video background ui

Bas Jan Ader

bas jan ader website design video background

Story & Heart

story and heart design video background layout


bkwld creative design agency video background


thought spot fullscreen video background design

Coulee Creative

coulee creative agency dark video background