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Start working on making your videos short and to the point

Overall videos perform better when they are short and get straight to the point – especially on social media. As a general rule you should aim for videos that are between 1 to 2 minutes in length, and also try to entice viewers within the first 10 seconds so that they keep watching.

If your videos are longer than that, you should try to trim out any unnecessary bits without detracting from the content. In some cases that may not be possible, and you may want to think about whether your topic is too general and you could split it up into several shorter videos instead.

Pay close attention to the audio

As much as visual elements are important in videos, the audio is just as important as well. That is especially true if you’re using a voiceover narration, in which case you will want to make sure it is a high quality recording that is crisp and clear.

The background music in your video is another area that you should look at. It should accentuate the video and be paced to match it, while at the same time not drowning out the voiceover or distracting from the visual elements.

Experiment with framing and composition

When dealing with visual elements, the right framing and composition can provide marked improvements. Unfortunately it is an area that is somewhat subjective – which is why experimentation is key.

One of the most basic (yet useful) rules of framing is the rule of thirds. Essentially it involves dividing your frame into thirds horizontally and vertically, and placing the main element in the right or left third, or on one of the intersection points.

That should give you quite a bit to work with when you next create a video. Keep in mind that it can help to have a way to record your screen for certain types of videos – which is a job you can get done with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

Not only will Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac let you record your screen, but it will also let you edit and improve it after that as well. In doing so you will be able to tweak your video using some of the methods highlighted above, and end up with better-looking and more effective video content for your online business.