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Icon sets have grown into abundance all around the Internet. Icons have been commonly associated with ancillary extras used to spice up a website or software GUI. Many icons still behave in the same supportive manner, but they’ve expanded to mobile interfaces and even into the realm of app icons.

This gallery puts a direct focus on weather icons that prove useful in specific circumstances. You’ll find plenty of variety from boisterous to balmy icons and everything inbetween. There are detailed icons and thin minimalist alternatives. Plus I’ve added a few weather app icons for you mobile designers out there. Some of these icon sets are even free to download so keep your eyes out for freebies to see if they could benefit any project work.

Cute Icons

cute weather icons simple iconset

Small Vector Set

small vector weather icons

GraphBerry Weather (Freebie)

graphberry freebie weather iconset icons

Line Icons

line weather cloud icons iconset

Simple Glyphs

simple weather glyphs iconset

Dark Minimalist

dark icons sun moon clouds line icons

Thin Lines (Freebie)

white thin icons weather line design

Clean iOS Icons

clean thin weather icons ios

Flat Pink Iconset

flat hot pink weather icons

Illustrator Iconography

iconography weather outline iconset

Simple Gradients

basic weather icons simple gradiets

Thin Icons

sun wind rain thin weather iconset

Weather Block Icons

square block colorful weather iconset

Circular Icons

simple clean circle icons weather ui

Weather and Climate (Freebie)

weather climate icons thin white design minimalist

Clean Weather

simple template sun rain weather icons

Weather Whiskers

weather whiskers icons set kitty cat

What’s the Weather Like?

android desktop widget weather icons

Weather Icons GUI

gui kit set icons basic weather app


san francisco weather icons minimalism

Detailed Weather Icons

detailed fancy weather iconset preview

Weather Widget Icons

nature thin line icons weather colorful

White Icons

white shadow icons iconset weather

iPad App Icons

thin white ipad ios app weather icons

61 Weather Icons (Freebie)

dark outline icons weather pack freebie

Detailed Weather

detailed realistic weather icons inspiration

Pure Weather

circular cute clean weather iconset inspiration