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Our modern era of technology is fast and efficient. Streaming MP3 music has never been easier with the advancement of countless websites and social networks. Mobile applications also come into the picture with support from many audio streaming services. But how would any of these services function without a clean audio player UI?

This gallery features some creative music players for desktop software and mobile apps. If you plan to design your own interface then these examples are perfect to help with brainstorming. As time goes on music player will surely get cleaner and even simpler to use. See what talented designers have already created and try to push the boundaries even further.

Diverse Player

diverse sounds audio player ui

Audio Tagger

audio tagger ui interface app iphone

iTunes Redesign PSD

itunes app ui redesign osx psd freebie

Spotify OS X

spotify desktop app for mac os x

Dark Spotify

spotify dark player interface ui

Android Podcast App

android podcast app ui design interface

Dark iPhone Audio UI

dark iphone menu audio player app

Love Radio

ios iphone app ui love radio design


mac osx app redesign simfy music

rdio Desktop App

offline desktop sync radio app rdio

Purple Player

purple mini music player interface

Chrome OS Player

chrome operating system audio player ui

Tuneblast Redesign

android smartphone app tuneblast audio ui

iPhone Music Player

dark iphone music player interface

Simple Radio Player

dark grey audio music player mini

iTunes Mini

simple mini itunes interface design

Music Player UI/UX

user interface white iphone music audio player

Soundcloud for Mac

mac osx soundcloud app design interface

Mini Expanding Player

dark audio player expanding interface OS X

douban fm radio player gui redesign

Music Box App

mac osx music box app interface gui Scrobbler Redesign

mac os x audio last fm scrobbler app interface

Spotify MiniPlayer

spotify mini player interface audio gui

Mini Music Player

simple mini music interface player design colorful

Clean iTunes Redesign

mac osx itunes app redesign interface