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Various styles have been adapted over recent years pertaining to icon design. Websites and mobile apps utilize their fair share of icons to convey a much clearer meaning in regards to a user interface. Those with perspicacity recognise the importance of symbolic pictograms. But how do you decide on a theme among the many various styles to choose from?

Although there is no right answer to that question, I’d like to focus on one of the more obscure styles: circular icon design. The beauty of circle-themed icons is how they can break into other themes. Some icons may be more flat while others are more realistic. Any icon-set can become circular as long as the boundaries follow a rounded shape. And each example below is the epitome of design excellence!

Sticker Icons

rounded sticker icons flat colorful


flat shadow circular iconset

Social Puzzle

social puzzle clean icons circular set

Glossy Pin

blue glossy pin icon circular

Security Flat Icons

flat design security circle icons

Pink Heart

pink heart circile white design icon


realistic icon redesign circle iconset


iconset icons circle birds colorful

Colorful Iconset

colorful icons various set design

Freebie Glyphs

small pastel glyph icons psd


radar watch sync tools icon circular

Flat Iconset

flat iconset design v4 example

Personal Icons

personal website icons pack color

ForteWares Icons

forte wares iconset full circular

Maps Icon

circle ios maps icon example inspiration

Thin Lines

thin birthday yellow line icons

Green Circles

circular mini green icons iconset

Simple Shapes

simple red shapes rounded iconset

Tempo Product Icons

tempo product icons colorful iconset

Music Icons

thin line icons music app ui

Icon Collection

photoshop glossy iconset colorful glyphs

Super Realism

turntable iconset music realistic icons circular