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There are many rivals to Photoshop. Sketch app, Acorn, Gimp, Autodesk Pixlr, PaintShop Pro and others. I can honestly say that all of these tools are really nice and good. But it’s really hard to compare with the Photoshop. The interface of the tools I’ve mentioned before is really nice, it’s easier to use it, but Photoshop has endless possibilities. You can create everything you want. Icon, Mobile app design, website design, banners and much more. I guess you all know that.

When you’re working with the same tools every day to are always trying to find some shortcuts or checking for some tips. So, today I’ve decided to share 20 Photoshop plugins to Increase your productivity and saves some time.


Oven helps you better manage your assets. Photoshop’s Generator allows us to export images in real time but you will have to rename all your layers in order to generate the image correctly and with a proper name.


Hexy will automatically copy new color for your foreground or background.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator will generate random words or phrases.

Social Kit

Social Kit helps you to create cover images and profile pictures for popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Layrs Control 2

A collection of 7 scripts that make an tedious job easier.


Duplllicator is the fastest way to duplicate Photoshop layers or groups.


Composer lets you update multiple layer comps in Photoshop with a single click, meaning less maintenance and more designing.


LayerCraft helps to export UI assets from layers.


Bounce integrates and connects the Dribbble design community into the Adobe design applications you love to build with every day.

PSD to WordPress

Divine Elemente converts any Photoshop design to a fully functional theme for WordPress CMS.

Size Marks

The script converts rectangular marquee to labeled measurement mark. Landscape marquee → horizontal mark. Portrait or square marquee → vertical mark.

Renderly will automatically exports screens, assets and detailed design specs.

Velositey 2

Velocity is an extension that can help you build web design prototype quickly.


Pictura helps you to find best images from Flickr.

Font Awesome PS

Font Awesome helps to search for an icon. Just click to create a new layer shape which you can easily edit.

Seamless Textures 2

Seamless Textures is a simple but time-saving photoshop plugin. It generates with just one click a seamless pattern from your picture.


Ink provides information about your mockups by documenting your layers, from typography to effects and shape sizes.


Breeezy adds multilayer export functionality to Photoshop, giving you the ability to export multiple graphic elements, from your PSD in one click.

Save Panel

Save Panel is a Photoshop plugin that optimizes file saving.

Live Share

With LiveShare you can now broadcast any Photoshop document to as many people as you want through an instant LiveShare meeting.