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These days mobile photographing is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. More than 300 million people are using Instagram daily, and it has 500million users in total. Furthermore, a lot of individuals stopped buying digital cameras simply because their smartphone can do the job easily; even some professional photographers take amazing photos only with their phones and some editing tools. Because of that, companies like Apple, Samsung, and others are trying to improve their phone cameras making them more reliable to attract an average customer’s attention.

As a result of that, many apps got created and published on iOS store that can help you with your mobile photographing. With these apps, you can edit, post and make almost everything that your photo would look way better than before.

Pixlr (Free)

If you need a free photo editor in your smartphone, you should consider Pixlr as one of your choices. It has over 2 million mixtures of free effects. And because of that, you will definitely find what will be perfect for your photo.

Fotor (Free)

Fotor is a multi-platform app where you can edit your photos, share or even sell them. This app is user-friendly, so almost everyone can easily use it to edit and share their greatest shots.

HIPSTAMATIC Camera ($2.99)

HIPSTAMATIC is a paid iPhone camera app that was declared Apple’s first official app of the year. It has a lot of great features for professional mobile photographers and the hobbyist too.

ProCamera ($4.99)

Another paid iPhone photo editing app called ProCamera. With this app, you can take photos, videos and edit them in one place. By the way, it trusted by more than 3 million users worldwide.

VSCO (Free)

VSCO is a free app that is capable of shooting and editing your photos. It has advanced camera controls that can lend you a hand for taking more professional photos. Also, you can publish your taken photos in your online VSCO profile.

PicLab Studio ($2.99)

PicLab Studio is an app that can fulfil all your designer needs. You can easily make amazing photos by adding text to it because this app has awesome typography designs that are easy to set up and if it is done correctly, it can look stunning.

Slow Shutter Cam ($1.99)

If you thought that stunning slow shutter pictures could only be taken by DSLR you were wrong. Slow Shutter Cam is an app that brings real DSLR slow shutter experience to your phone. It is a must have app if you want to make amazing slow shutter photos.

PicsArt (Free)

With over 250 million downloads, PicsArt is number one app for editing photos on your smartphone. The app contains hundreds of photo editing tools, many customizable filters and effects and much more. It has everything to fulfil your inner photographer needs.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe Photoshop Express is iPhone photo editing app. That is fast and easy to use. With some pushes of buttons, automatic fixes can make your photo look better, and you can share it right away with your friends.

Lumy ($3.99)

Lumy is an app that helps you to know when the Golden Hour will be; it is the magic time when sunsets or sunrises light is best for taking beautiful photos. This app shows you five days weather information that will help you plan ahead your photo shoot.

Camera+ ($2.99)

Camera+ is another paid iPhone photographing and photo editing app. It is a great app for both experienced and beginner mobile photographers because it has a wide variety of filters and other effects.

TouchRetouch ($1.99)

If you took a beautiful photo and there are some things you do not want to be there. TouchRetouch will solve this problem. You can simply use this app and with one finger touch remove it.

AfterFocus ($0.99)

AfterFocus is an app almost entirely based on the one key feature. You can add amazing shallow depth of field effect to your photos. It will almost look like taken by DSLR camera.

Mextures ($1.99)

With Mextures app you can apply textures, film grain, stunning looking gradients and light leaks to your picture in a matter of seconds and share it with your friends.

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer ($9.99)

Sun Seeker provides detailed information about the solar path, its hour intervals, twilight times and much more. This is the perfect app for professional photographers that need to plan photo shoot and they need to know the weather and light conditions.