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One of the best things of Sketch 3 is that you can easily with little or no training learn to use it. Also, Sketch 3 already elected App of the Year by The Net Awards, where he outran the best known graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.

If you just started to play with Sketch and didn’t use any plugins yet, you should start with SketchToolBox. It will manage your plugins, and it will make it easier to download and install any of the new plugins you want. Here is my list of 15 Sketch 3 plugins you should try.

Find and replace

This plugin sounds like taken from some text editor, but it is created especially for the Sketch. It will help you to find what you need because it searches the selected layers and everything that is inside of it.

Sketch to App Store

It is annoying to create different size of screenshots for different iPhones and iPads. This plugin lends you a hand and makes it a lot easier and saves you some time

Send to Slack

If you are working with the team and your team is using Slack as your primary communication tool. Then this plugin will lend you a hand because using this plugin you can send your artwork directly to any Slack group

Pixel Perfecter

This Sketch plugin will help you to find layers that have pixel imperfection properties that later you can fix it and keep your design smooth and clean.

Sketch Notebook

Notebook plugin simply adds sidebar comments. If most of the time you work is not solo and you need, explain your design to your co-worker or boss. You can easily put sidebar comment that would help you to remember what key details to mention.

Sketch Measure

Sketch Measure is a great plugin will help you get some useful information about your design like HEX code of the colour, the distance between some elements with a few pushes of a button.

Lorem Ipsum

You can easily guess from the name Lorem Ipsum what does it do. This plugin will quickly generate Lorem Ipsum text to your design in Sketch.

Icon Stamper

This is simple but rather a useful plugin that saves a lot of time. It takes full sized images and creates multiple smaller sized iOS icons for you.

Content generator

If you need to generate random dummy data this plugin is just for you. It will save you a lot of time and will generate quickly random avatars, location data, names and much more.

Generate Gif

If you ever wanted to make a gif of your Sketch artwork. This plugin will help you it can generate animated gifs in Sketch.

Social Artboards Sketch

If you are making artwork for media, this plugin can lend you a hand. It will add artboard presets of the most common images sizes on social media.

Dynamic Button

Dynamic Button plugin will stop your frustration about the text in the button issue. It will allow you to create a button with fixed paddings, and the text will not affect it.

Sort Me

If your Sketch document usually becomes messy and you cannot understand where is what. Then this plugin will help you to sort out your layers that you can easily reach what you need.

Sketch Data Studio

This plugin will save you a lot of time. It will take data from CSV file and will make tables and charts from it.


If you need to write an HTML code for your design, but you are tired of it. Blade can save your time and help you by generating HTML code automatically for you