Why Bing SEO is Important

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 18, 2016

Many marketers choose to focus the efforts of their SEO strategy to Google and ignore other search engines, including Bing. While Google is the front-runner for all internet searches, the market share of other search engines is continuing to grow. This means that if you focus only on giving Google a solid SEO performance, there is a growing market of potential customers you are ignoring.

While many of the strategies implemented between Google and Bing are similar, they aren’t exactly the same. One of the biggest differences between the two is that Google gives preference to their own pages, like Google My Business. To rank highly on Google, this means you need to optimize your Google My Business page. For a site like Bing, the Google My Business page means very little.

But why is it important to appeal to the Bing users as well as the Google users? Here are the ways the two platforms differ:

Less Bounces from Bing
The traffic that comes with Bing is more valuable to your website. This means there are more clicks, fewer bounces, and individuals who find their way to your website spend more time exploring and viewing pages.

Although the number of people reaching your website from Bing will probably be fewer than from Google, those few individuals who decide to make a purchase or read an extra blog post make a big difference to the success of your company.

If you do not appear in Bing results, it means those same willing-to-buy customers are going elsewhere with their business.

The Firefox and Yahoo Partnership
For individuals using Firefox, Google is no longer the primary search tool. Instead, Firefox users will see that their search results are actually from Yahoo.

While it may seem that Yahoo is just another search engine, Bing and Yahoo are actually in it together. Bing actually powers the Yahoo search results.

This change may not seem like it makes a difference, but for individuals who don’t have a search engine preference, Google saw a large loss of searches in just a matter of days. If other services choose to remove Google as the primary search engine tool, the shift may grow even larger.

Different Priorities
Many marketers believe that whatever is done on Google will work for Bing. If the page results are high for Google, they will also be high for other search engines. But there isn’t any truth to this statement.

Bing and Google use many of the same metrics when it comes to determining where a page will fall in the order of the results, but the importance level of those metrics are very different between the two platforms.

For example, one of the most important factors for Bing is engagement. Bing considers if individuals select your page among the list of results and then return to the search page to make another selection. This is an indication that your page did not have the information the customer was looking for, so they needed to visit another webpage. Too much of this activity will put your page further down the list.

Understanding the differing priorities of each page will allow you to focus on the most important for each page and put your website in the results of each search engine.

It may seem that Google is the only important search engine to consider when it comes to developing your SEO strategy, but if you want to continue seeing business success, you should extend your SEO efforts to other platforms.