What link builders really want you to know

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 02, 2018

“Have you ever noticed how hard it is to build links? Link builders have, but sometimes website owners and clients still have unrealistic expectations.

Some recent estimates suggest that earning a single link can take as long as 8 hours of work. This makes link building a labor and time-intensive task.

For that reason alone, it’s good to pay attention to the things that link builders want you to know.

What clients should know

Clients need to realize that link builders aren’t magicians. They must navigate a tough online landscape that is complicated by dynamic search engine algorithms, spammers, and competitors.

Link building depends on the careful selection of candidates as well as the free will of other website operators.

If you’re a link-building client, you may also complicate the link builder’s job when your own products and services have quality problems. Also, the reputation of your brand regarding customer service can cause problems.

When link builders propose a deal with a website, the owner may balk at the opportunity if your brand has negative baggage.

Also, as a client, you should know that link builders usually have no control over the links they build. For this reason, a well-earned link can disappear overnight with no explanation.

So, if you’re a link builder client, you should ensure that your business and brand are attractive enough to make other websites want to link to yours. Also, exercise patience with your link building partner.

What webmasters should know

Just imagine what it’s like to own or manage a world-class website. In addition to maintenance and editorial tasks, you can expect to receive deluges of solicitations from link builders.

Naturally, not every link builder has a desirable offer to make. Many represent businesses and brands that have reputation problems and could detract from the value of your site.

Furthermore, only a select few link building proposals come from brands that have something relevant to offer your audience. Still, many incoming solicitations have much to offer, making them worthy of your consideration.

So, despite the temptation to delete all incoming link requests, you owe it to your audience to find the ones that add genuine value to your readers.

What web developers should know

After working hard to earn a link, the entire effort can be wasted if that link leads to a 404 page not found error. When that happens, that tarnishes the reputation of both the link builder and the client.

As a developer, you should realize the number of people who are counting on you to maintain a stable and technically sound website.

In the end, link builders provide a valuable service to their clients and targeted website. As a result of their work, large audiences can benefit from expanded access to the information and products that they need.

Link building is a continuous, arduous process that can be both aggravating and fulfilling. Whatever your role is, do your best to cooperate with and show appreciation for the link builders you encounter.”