Want More Quality Backlinks for SEO? Look Closer to Home

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 15, 2013

Recently we discussed some of the best link-building tactics for SEO here on our blog. And they’re all great ideas, such as adding useful comments on high-traffic industry forums, releasing newsy press releases with links to relevant pages on your website (not just the home page), writing quality content for your website that answers the kind of questions that real people have about your product or service, and creating video content and infographics that can be shared all over the web.

We also mentioned the importance of developing relationships with other bloggers. That’s actually such a good way to build quality back links to your site that it deserves a second look. And there are other relationships you already have that you’re probably not making the most of!

Backlinks and blogging

When you build relationships with other bloggers and website owners, the benefit goes way beyond a few backlinks (although that’s definitely a plus). You gain a friend in the industry, someone who will give you a shout-out on their blog when you write a particularly incisive blog post and a heads-up if they hear something about your company or product that you need to address.

And through interacting with other bloggers, forum owners and industry leaders, you build a reputation for yourself as an asset to the community – someone people can turn to for advice, maybe even someone who gets contacted by journalists who need quotes or insight for an article about current events in your industry. (Media mentions like that are gold.)

But “virtual” relationships aren’t the only ones that can yield good backlinks for your website. Consider the folks you know in “real life,” too.

Looking for links in familiar places

When you think of websites that can link to your site, you’re probably thinking of people you know only from the Internet – like the above-mentioned bloggers. But that’s not the only place to turn. You might just get some of your best, highest quality backlinks from folks you do business with regularly – such as:

Your employees: If some of your employees own or are involved in industry-related blogs, publications or websites, encourage them to give some backlink love to your company.

Your partners: Any company you have a B2B relationship with is a good candidate for a backlink. Just as you list all your distributors or retailers with a link to their websites, they can also link back to your site. And if you’re doing business with quality partners who have solid websites that rank well themselves, those links to your site will be well-regarded by the search engines.

Your charitable work: Remember that community 5K run that your company co-sponsored last summer? Chances are, the organization behind the event probably put out a press release or posted a page of web content on their site thanking all the sponsors. It doesn’t hurt to ask the event organizer or charity to hyperlink your business name to your website, and they’re usually pleased to do so.

People you meet at conferences or conventions: You meet a lot of people at conventions, and you never know who will be the next industry leader – or who you can help. Stay in touch and build relationships with these folks after that initial meeting.

Among their many other benefits, good business relationships also lead to great backlinks. So look “closer to home” and see which link-building opportunities you might be missing