Use PR to Boost SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 10, 2015

Few things are more important in a modern marketing campaign than the content marketing plan that you use. In many cases, this narrative is the only thing that separates your brand from any of the competition that you will face on the market. However, many business owners and even some marketers have no idea what unfolding a brand narrative truly entails. If you were to talk frankly to a client about “storytelling through social media a narrative to an audience,” they very well might fire you on the spot.

– The True Importance of Brand Storytelling through Social Media for SEO

Whether we like it or not, every successful brand has a story behind it. The industry is negligible – whether we are talking about hardware with sales driven by technology or politicians with sales driven by personality, people want to understand the story behind the product. Before we discuss why this is important for search engine optimization, we must understand how the mind works generally in order to understand the importance of brand storytelling through social media.

The human brain thinks in analogies. This means that every thought process is an amalgamation of past experience as well as present information. In order to truly compartmentalize a product in the mind, it must have a past as well as a present. One might think that stereotyping and compartmentalization are the wrong ways to go about selling a product. However, we are not talking about human morality – we are simply trying to keep our customers from being confused. If a product is not compartmentalized within 30 seconds of its introduction to a new person, it will be virtually ignored by the brain as information that does not concern it.

The absolute worst thing that you can do for your product is to try to sell it through bullet points. Many catchphrases have tried to capture the overall attitude that consumers have toward products:

“Sell the steak, not the sizzle.”
“Before the what, explain the why.”
“No one cares what you know until they know that you care.”

All of these catchphrases are attempting to bring across the same idea: People simply do not care about how good the product is until they are emotionally attached to it. Storytelling through social media is the best way to attach your potential audience to your product so that they will actually care about the feature set that you list much, much later in the process.

– Gaining Positive SEO through Storytelling through Social Media

Storytelling through social media, then, is an incredibly important part of your marketing process. Do not make the mistake of seeing only the end result of a person solving a problem with your product – remember that your customer has to go through the “why” and the “how” before he or she ever gets to the “what.”

Think of the top brands in the world such as McDonald’s or Red Bull. When you think about McDonald’s, do you think about a hamburger first, or do you think about clowns and fun? When you think about Red Bull, do you think about a sugary drink first, or do you think about adventure, cool personalities and excitement?

In some cases, the products are actually completely opposite to the need that they would usually be sold to fix. Both McDonald’s and Red Bull have been shown to actually increase hunger because of all the sugar in the products. However, this is not why people purchase those brands. Those brands are two of the most important brands around the world because of their ability to put the dreams of their customers into the stories of the product. These products become more of a lifestyle than they are a singular product.

Once you have master your audience, the major search engines will certainly follow. Because Google, Yahoo and Bing are set up to monitor the actions of the actual visitors to your website, the PR that you are doing through storytelling will most certainly boost your search engine optimization efforts.