Use Market Research Surveys and Polls for SEO Link Building

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 24, 2013

There are several ways you can use surveys to create useful content for SEO, and you can read about some of them here. But you can also use your surveys to help augment your link building campaigns and get some high quality backlinks directing traffic to your website.

How surveys get you backlinks

A truly effective survey helps your SEO link building in two ways: First of all, a survey or poll attracts people to your website to participate and answer questions. If the survey’s topic is a hot button issue or especially compelling for some other reason, targets a certain segment of your customer base, or you just do a really great job of promoting it, you’ll probably have a lot of traffic coming to your site to take part.

Others may help you spread the word: Bloggers and Twitter users may write about, link to and tweet about what you’re doing with your survey and the results they expect you’ll get. If you’d like to help that process along, you can reach out to bloggers and Twitter users who are well respected in your industry. (Hopefully you’ve taken our advice and practiced a bit of networking for SEO and general PR purposes!) Let these folks know about your survey or poll and request a shout-out. It can’t hurt – after all, they’re always looking for interesting topics for blogs and web content, too.

Make bloggers and journalists want to backlink to your website

The second way that a well-designed survey can help your website garner more links and better SERP rankings comes when the final results of your survey are in. You should write and widely circulate a press release with some of the most surprising, unexpected or intriguing results – but don’t give away all the results in your press release. Provide your contact information in the press release along with an invitation to contact you or visit your website for more survey results.

How does that help your SEO? Reporters, bloggers and journalists are always looking for eye-catching statistics to use in articles. After all, a great set of survey results or statistics provides an instant angle for an article or blog post. And when journalists and bloggers need to come to your website for more information, they’re more likely to link directly to your website and not just to the PR site where they found your press release.

If you play your cards right, you may end up with some major blogs, newspapers or magazines linking to your website – and maybe even using you as an industry expert to consult for future articles.

Use your own content creation to drive more link building

You can do your part to promote your survey results and bring the backlinks: Use the statistics you gather to create content that’s easy to link to and circulate, such as infographics, charts, videos, white papers and of course, blog posts. See Using Survey Results for SEO for more ideas.

So if you’re looking for a new and interesting way to breathe some life into your SEO link building campaign, create your poll or survey, invite your participants and ask away!