Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 10, 2017

If you’re starting an online business, one of your major goals is to have your website rank high in search engine results pages. To accomplish this, you’ll need to implement sound SEO strategies. Here are some top search engine optimization tips for you to utilize.

Content and Patience

The Google algorithm is constantly changed by Google’s engineers, and every so often, they rollout a major update. One of these updates indicated that providing valuable content is an important portion of a search engine optimization strategy. Google wants to recommend websites that engage with users. Your website should include different forms of media such as videos, text and high-quality images. User generated content is also recommended. Reviews and comments indicate the occurrence of engagement and activity. Of course, this takes place over time. You must be patient with SEO and continue to implement your strategy month after month.

Research and Optimize

The fruits of your efforts will be rewarded when you analyze data from incoming visitors. This data will share which keywords and keyword phrases are the most popular search terms that customers use to find your website. Take that data and use the most popular keywords to create specific pages. These webpages will get indexed and shoot up in rank if you take time to optimize them. The end result is an increase in traffic and influx of potential customers who may be willing to purchase your services or products, sign up on an email list or join your community by leaving a comment.

Optimize Titles and URLs

You should have a strategy for each single title and URL that you use on your website. Researched keywords should be incorporated into every title and URL. You want to make them sound natural and user-friendly. This helps Google crawlers categorize the content from each of your pages. If possible, make your titles stand out to users by using catchy phrases. However, you don’t want to go overboard with words and end up with a title that looks spammy.

Be Smart With Backlinks

One of the daunting tasks of search engine optimization is backlinks creation. It takes time and must be completed with a strategized plan so that your site is seen as a valuable asset in the eyes of Google. This is done by linking back from websites that have authoritative value. Google already trusts them and the content they provide. When they send a link to your website, it lets Google know that your site is to be trusted as well. Don’t waste your time by linking back from web directories or article submission sites. Google does not place a high value on these type of assets. You are better off obtaining backlinks from a highly authoritative site than 50 sites with no respect. Also, be sure to never pay for backlinks. This will only get your site penalized if Google finds out. It would be a disaster to continuously optimize a site for years and have it wiped out in seconds.

Continue To Optimize

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. This keeps you up-to-date with current best practices that are being used in the industry. Outdated techniques have the possibility of getting your website penalized. Keep a list of tasks to work on every month, biweekly or daily. These should include items such as fixing broken link pages, keyword research, competition keyword research, backlinks monitoring, disavowing negative SEO, incorporating social media outreach and checking to see if your outgoing links are still directed at pages that are on Google’s trusted list. By continuing to update your search engine optimization efforts, individual pages on your website will slowly climb in rank and help increase your sales and ROI.