Top 9 SEO Trends To Predict in 2018

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 22, 2017

SEO techniques can have a significant impact on your website and can also allow you to visit your favorite search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As an SEO professional or agency, you need to stay ahead of the competition. There are new techniques developed each year, and below is a list of expected SEO trends in 2018.

Mobile Acceleration and AMPS

AMP got introduced in 2015 by Google. There is growth in demand for accelerated mobile pages. Users are more likely to abandon a site if it takes more than five seconds to load. AMPs can use HTML and CCS to solve this problem. Majority of people prefer to use mobile than desktop, increasing the demand for AMPs. This SEO trend is expected to grow in 2018 to make sure pages load faster.

Voice Searches

The use of voice searches is expected to increase in 2018. Reports show that about 20% of questions get asked through voice searches. Therefore, in 2018, this percentage is expected to grow. You can search for contents in websites by merely using voice command. Voice search is expected to gain popularity because internet users find it convenient and mobile friendly.
Uploading Personalized and Meaningful Content

In this digital era, nobody wants to read lengthy content that is meaningless. Most people prefer to focus on exciting and authentic articles. Customer preference should always come first. By 2018, there will be an increase in the creation of personalized web content that will significantly engage the target audience. Meaningful posts are proving to be more competitive on Yahoo, Google, and other search engines.

User Experience

Websites that deliver smooth UX for visitors will get priority. It will be a game changer in 2018. Good user experience will attract more users to online platforms, and in turn, search engines will determine useful pages for people who get prioritized on SERP. The websites speed and readability will make users more comfortable when surfing through mobile devices and computers.

The Quick Answer Feature

Quick answer box gets used when a user enters a specific keyword such as “”what is”” on the search engine. You get an instant display of the answers to your questions. Content on the snippet feature enables users to get information fast. The quick answer section usually highlights the data in a list format. The web pages can be optimized to get the primary location of SERPs and for the mobile users. Therefore, the quick answer feature will gain popularity in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SEO leaders have already begun executing strategies that go with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. There have been changes in the way rankings and searches take place. However, this needs to be more conceptualized by 2018. In 2018, some people will have to change from HTTP to HTTPS to increase search engine ranking.

App Marketing and Indexing

Majority of people are spending an average of 30 hours each month on apps. Mobile devices allow you to connect with your audience. Brand strengthening and app marketing will be of great importance in 2018. Customers are more likely to purchase their products and services from a brand listed among the top of the SERPs.

Visual Content Preference

2018 is expected to be the year where more users respond to videos and pictures. The popularity of social media sites shows that images and videos get instant likes and shares, which makes the pages trendy in no time. Visualization along with high-quality content is in demand. The human mind gets attracted to visual content because it instantly awakens their interest.

Link Building

Backlinks are used to determine the authenticity of contents on websites. There are millions of information developed each day, which makes it difficult for search engines to verify the authenticity of information. In 2018, link building will assist in the creation of high-quality content and links without affecting the reputation of a brand.

2018 is expected to be a game changer in the field of SEO. You need to keep up with upcoming trends to cope with the competition. Additionally, you have to start developing strategies that will help you in taking advantage of the above patterns.