Top 7 SEO WP Plugins

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 08, 2015

If you use WordPress and want to improve your SEO, then you definitely want to consider using the following top 7 SEO WP Plugins to improve your rank on Google and other search engines.

#1 – WordPress SEO by Yoast

At the top of the list of all the WP plugins available online is, WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin is used by millions of people who use the WordPress platform. What people like most about using this plugin is that it helps take the guesswork out of SEO. This plugin has a snippet feature that allows users to preview what their web page or post will actually look like in search engine results prior to publishing the page.

#2 – All-in-One SEO Wordpack

Another top WordPress plugin is the All-in-One SEO Wordpack. This plugin is an excellent choice because it automatically optimizes each worddpress blog post for Google and all the other search engines. In addition, the plugin also works in the background to generate meta tags automatically, so users do not have to worry about creating them. Users will definitely appreciate all of the different features this SEO WordPress plugin has to offer.

#3 – Ultimate – SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin

This SEO WordPress plugin is definitely one of the best plugins available on the market because it easy to use and helps optimize posts for better results online. This plugin features built-in editors that can be used to easily modify titles and meta tags. One feature that this plugin offers is the Author Highlighter. With this feature, once your post appears in Google search results it will automatically pull and post your Google+ profile picture alongside your post. This can help your posts rank higher on Google.

#4 – SEO Wizard

SEO Wizard is also a top wordpress plugin because it helps automate the search engine optimization process for writers. In addition to helping writers produce high-quality content, this plugin works automatically in the background to optimize and enhance how the post will appear in search engine results. This plugin actually conveys this information to search engines, so each post appears properly in search engine results. Users will enjoy the fact that this plugin also has a social integration component as well.

#5 – Embed Articles WP Plugin

Another top wordpress plugin that you may want to put to use is the Embed Articles WP Plugin. What makes this plugin one of the top WordPress plugins is the Open Graph Protocal feature that helps give SEO a boost online. With this feature, users will not have to worry about generating html metadata.

#6 – Click & Go SEO WordPress Plugin

Another WordPress SEO plugin is the Click & Go SEO WordPress plugin. This plugin is also one of the top WordPress plugins because is it is extremely easy to use and offers many of the same features that all the other top SEO plugins offer without all the hassles. This plugin is both easy to use and effective.

#7 – Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

The last SEO wordpress plugin everyone should put to use is the Google Analytics WordPress plugin. This plugin may be last on this list, but it happens to be a very important plugin because it helps keep track of results. Users who put this plugin to use will need a Google Analytics account to begin using this plugin. Once you start using the plugin, it will begin to automatically insert tracking code into each blog post you create and publish. Once your post goes live and appears in search engine results, you will be able to generate free reports directly from the plugin dashboard to find out how your content is performing online.

If you are looking to get better results online, then you should definitely consider using one or more of these 7 top SEO WordPress plugins for your website. No matter which plugin you choose to use, these plugins will definitely help you get better results in no time whatsoever.