Top 5 SEO Problems

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 12, 2016

The most successful websites found today are those that rely heavily on search engine optimization tactics and methods. This includes knowing which keywords to use, where and how to incorporate those terms and even how to properly format all the content found on the page. It’s important that you better understand the common mistakes that other site owners made in the past and how to avoid those problems. Using SEO can help you drive more traffic to your site, get customers to stay on the site and increase your profits.

Keyword Stuffing

Out of all the SEO problems, the most common is something called keyword stuffing. You can usually see this for yourself on some sites. Instead of focusing specifically on the terms that customers use, site owners focus on including as many keywords and phrases as possible. They may use long tail keywords as well. For a term like orthodontist, a long tail keyword might be pediatric orthodontist in Falls Springs, Missouri. The keywords appear so many times on the page that it lacks any useful content, which might lead to Google dropping the ranking of that page.

Using Unrelated Terms

Have you ever searched for something online and wound up on a page that had nothing to do with that search? This occurs when site owners use unrelated terms as a way to get more traffic. For example, someone selling pet supplies may use keywords relating to veterinarians, pet medications, dog breeds and even animals for sale. While this might get you more traffic, it will likely lead to customers leaving as soon as they realize the page doesn’t provide any valuable content. It’s far better to use keywords that relate to the information and content found on that specific page.

Lack of Tags

There are a few different ways in which you can incorporate tags into a page. The first is through the use of headers, which refer to H1, H2 and similar tags that you use at the top of the page. H1 tags are for the top header, but you can use other headers on individual sections within the page. You’ll also want to incorporate a meta tag, which is a short description of the page itself. If you use any type of images on the page, make sure that each one includes a tag that has at least one of your keywords in it.

Common Titles

A typical website page will have a title at the top and multiple titles throughout the rest of the page. This allows readers to quickly skim over the page to find the exact section that they need. A common SEO problem occurs when pages use similar or common tags. Google may flag the page for plagiarism because it matches too closely to another site. Using common titles that are the same or similar to other sites will also result in a lower ranking. Google places sites with unique content near the top of search results.

Anchor Text Issues

Using links to other pages is a good way to drive traffic to other parts of your site. You might include links to the about us section, specific products you sell or the contact page for your business. Anytime that you include a link, make sure that you use the right anchor text. Anchor text refers to the word or words you use with that link. Using general phrases or linking to pages that have nothing to do with the content will likely result in a ding from Google. Make sure that you understand these common SEO problems when building a new website.